Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

Fantasy RPG Bonds Of The Skies Is Flying Onto Nintendo Switch

Bonds of a Skies is headed to a Switch. Pre-purchase options for a diversion are set to go live on a eShop tomorrow.

In this game, you’ll follow a story of Eil, who starts a journey in a center of his coming-of-age ceremony. During this event, his city is pounded by a demon and entirely engulfed in flames, forcing Eil to partner adult with Nogard (the small blue dragon) in sequence to save a day.

Bonds of a Skies indeed launched on 3DS only a integrate of years ago and releases on a PlayStation store currently (hence a trailer above). We don’t have a recover date or pricing for a Switch chronicle only yet, though hopefully this information from a game’s press recover will waves we over until then:

Form Partnerships with Grimoas!
Through your adventure, we will come opposite opposite Grimoas. By partnering with Grimoas, Eil and his friends can use dark powers. Strengthen a holds with them to be winning in battles!

Synchro Gauge and Special Skills
You can set adult to 5 mastered skills, so prolonged as a sum costs of a skills do not surpass a characters’ cost limit. In addition, when a Synchro Gauge with a Grimoas reaches 100%, we can use special skills, some-more absolute than normal!

Other Features
– Turn-based battles with a pixelated dot animation
– A immeasurable accumulation of skills to master
– Collect all a Grimoas and unleash a Synchro Skills!
– A far-reaching operation of achievements, including quests to finish and equipment to collect

The pre-purchase period, set to start tomorrow, will offer players a possibility to get 10% off a full seeking price. If you’re interested, make certain to keep an eye out for it appearing on a eShop tomorrow.

Did we play this one on 3DS? Ready to give it a possibility on Switch? As ever, let us know in a comments.

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