Published On: Wed, Jun 3rd, 2020

Fantastical Platformer Potata: Fairy Flower Will Bloom On Switch This Week

Potata: Fairy Flower, rising on Nintendo’s height this weekend.

Set in a fantastical world, players will be adventuring alongside a suggested Potata, a beginner witch-in-training. The new trailer above gives we a glance during a game’s story – a debate pronounced to offer “more than 10 hours” of gameplay and one that has we creation essential decisions that can impact a plot’s outcome.

Each turn of a diversion contains side stories and puzzles that can assistance we to equivocate encounters with a many dangerous enemies. You’ll be elucidate puzzles and uncovering dark value on your journey, hopefully saving a universe and safeguarding your home as we do.

If we wish to check out some gameplay, make certain to give this comparison trailer a watch, too.

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