Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2020

Fan Transforms Broken NES Into A Fully Functioning Switch Dock

Switch Dock NESSwitch Dock NES© IMOKRUOK

It’s never good to see a games console finally punch a dust, never to play another diversion or take centre theatre underneath a TV again, though some gifted folk save a day by repurposing a bad small things for destiny use.

Take a gifted Joe Heaton, for example, who we’ve formerly featured on a site for transforming damaged Nintendo DS consoles into beautiful Game Boy Advance systems. Or indeed a star of today’s article, Reddit user IMOKRUOK, who’s managed to deliver a damaged NES by branch it into a entirely functioning advancing hire for a Nintendo Switch.

IMOKRUOK says that they bought a damaged NES from a inner seller page, stripping out a bulb in box they could be used to use their possess NES in a future, and reusing a bombard to form a surrounding of this new Switch dock.

You can see a routine of a new Switch wharf being built here; new inner pieces had to be laser cut and a whole thing fits really snuggly indeed, with a edges of a cosmetic dull to equivocate any shade scratches.

Not a bad idea, huh? Now we know what to do if your aged consoles humour a identical fate!

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