Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

Fan Releases English Translation Patch For Namco’s Famicom Game Youkai Douchuuki

Youkai Namco

Long before Level-5 launched a Yo-Kai Watch video diversion array on Nintendo hardware, there was an aged propagandize Famicom diversion expelled in 1988 about a abnormal monsters, creatures, spirits, ghosts and demons ordinarily found in Japanese folklore.

The diversion we’re referring to is Youkai Douchuuki. It starred a immature child named Tarosuke, who had to transport to Jigoku (Hell) while fighting off immorality spirits during a same time and anticipating out his predestine once and for all, from Buddha. The diversion also had branching paths and 5 opposite endings.

A fan of this Namco-made action-platformer famous as jackic, has now combined an English interpretation patch. While it’s already easy adequate to make clarity of this platformer, anyone fervent to try this patch out will now be means to review all a game’s content in English.

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