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Fan Discovers GameCube Dev Kit In Early Wii Menu Build | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sat, Oct 1st, 2022

Fan Discovers GameCube Dev Kit In Early Wii Menu Build

Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran

A GameCube growth pack has been found in an early build of a Wii’s menu. Shared by Forest of Illusion and supposing to them by an unknown village member, it’s probable that this was detected on a really initial Wii menu — a one used during E3 2006.

Our friends over during Time Extension reached out to Forest of Illusion for some-more sum on this discovery, that is apparently a TDEV dev kit. And, according to a Nintendo refuge site, there’s a probability this was a indication that showcased a series of games during E3 2006, a year a Wii came out, including Zelda: Twilight Princess — that launched on both a GameCube and a Wii.

The strange chronicle 0.1 Wii menu was detected after a outrageous Nintendo trickle behind in 2020, though with so most information, zealous Nintendo fans have been digging by a sum ever since. Among a other games demoed on a TDEV pack were Wii Sports, WarioWare Smooth Moves, and Excite Truck.

Forest of Illusion also common with Time Extension a forum post from approach behind in 2006, with a user Teddman observant that “no one during E3 played a Wii chronicle of Zelda–it was all a GameCube chronicle fraudulent adult to a Wii controller.”

We’re certain there’s still so most some-more to come out of this gigaleak, including even some-more snippets of info from this dev kit. Maybe we’ll see those diversion demos out in a furious someday!

We wish to appreciate Forest of Illusion and a village for their continued work in preserving Nintendo’s history, and Time Extension for bringing this to a attention! Go have a review of a full essay for some-more information.

What do we consider of this discovery? Would we like to know what else a GameCube dev pack on a Wii brought us? Let us know!

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