Published On: Fri, May 22nd, 2020

Famitsu Poll Reveals Readers’ Favourite Fire Emblem Games

Fire Emblem Three HousesFire Emblem Three Houses

The Fire Emblem array distinguished a 30th anniversary in Apr and in honour of a miracle Japanese gaming announcement Famitsu polled a readers on their favourite games from Nintendo’s distinguished plan RPG series.

Of course, Japan has perceived several entries in a authorization that we never got over here in a West–we didn’t get a hands on an central recover until 2003 when The Blazing Blade on GBA was localised–so a integrate of entries in a tip 5 (as posted to Twitter by @HDKirin) competence be unknown unless you’re a revolutionary fan. Here they are:

Hardcore supporters of a array will no doubt be copying-and-pasting their excellent ‘Thank-You!’ gifs when they see Genealogy of a Holy War in a array one spot. Geneology is a second diversion from Intelligent Systems’ array grown for Super Famicom (with a initial being a diversion during array 5 on a list, Mystery of a Emblem) and nothing of a SFC entries have been strictly localised for a West… yet!

Yes, we’re ever carefree that one of these days we’ll get a re-release or remake, generally in light of how good Fire Emblem: Three Houses has achieved on Switch. We’d burst during a possibility to representation a Super Famicom games in any central capacity, and we’re certain we’re not alone.

Team NL’s personal ranking of a games (the ones that expelled turn these parts, that is) tended towards a unstable entries, and we also surveyed we poetic people for your possess ranking of Fire Emblem games. The result? Most Fire Emblem games are damn good – that’s a result!

How does Famitsu readers’ tip 5 review to yours? Let us know with a poetic criticism in a box down there.

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