Published On: Thu, Apr 30th, 2020

Fairphone teams adult with /e/OS on a box-fresh ‘deGoogled’ handset

The makers of a world’s many reliable smartphone, a Fairphone 3, have teamed adult for a chronicle of a device with even reduction large tech on board.

The Netherlands-based device builder has partnered with France’s /e/OS to offer a “de-Googled” chronicle of a latest handset, using an Android AOSP flare out of a box that’s itself built atop a flare of CyanogenMod (remember them?) — called LineageOS (via Engadget).

“The deGoogled Fairphone 3 is many expected a initial remoteness unwavering and tolerable phone,” runs a content on /e/OS’ website. “It combines a phone that cares for people and world and an OS and apps that caring for your privacy.”

A purposeful explainer of a “privacy by pattern ecosystem” — and a indicate of “Android but Google” — serve notes: “We have private many pieces of formula that send your personal information to remote servers but your consent. We don’t indicate your information in your phone or in your cloud space, and we don’t lane your plcae a hundred times a day or collect what you’re doing with your apps.”

When a Fairphone 3 launched final Sep it came with Android 9 preloaded. But a association touted a post-launch refurbish that would make it easy for buyers to clean Google services off their line-up and implement a Android Open Source Project, that it endorsed for modernized users.

The new /e/OS season offers a third OS option.

Per Engadget, Fairphone pronounced it polled members of a village seeking that choice OS to offer and /e/OS got some-more votes than a series of others. The association also highlighted /e/OS’ remoteness by pattern as a cause in a choice, lauding how it shuts down “unwanted information flows,” definition users have some-more control over what their phone is doing.

The e/OS season of a Fairphone 3 ships from May 6, labelled during usually underneath €480 — a €30 reward on a Googley season of Android we get on a customary Fairphone 3.

Existing owners of Fairphone’s third-gen handset can manually implement /e/OS gratis around an installer on a website.

When a Fairphone 3 launched final year a association told us usually around 5% of Fairphone users opt to go full open source — that suggests a /e/OS Fairphone 3 will be a niche choice for even these perceptive buyers.

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