Published On: Wed, Jun 28th, 2017

Facing Issue with Google Play Music? Google Has Pushed an Update to Fix It

If we have been confronting emanate with Google Play Music for Android newly afterwards here is some good news. Google has finally rolled out a repair for it. Yesterday, many users reported about a consistent pile-up of a app whenever perplexing to open it. Users reported about a present crashing of a app with a message,“Google Play Music has stopped.” While a emanate was a far-reaching scale one though it did not impact all a devices.

To repair a issue, Google has started rolling out a chronicle 7.9.4921 for Google Play Store. The emanate was surfacing when a device was connected to a Bluetooth device after opening a app. The refurbish mentions a repair as “bug fixes.” Sadly, Google has not been as discerning for regulating issues on Android Wear 2.0.

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Going behind to where it all started, Google Play Music chronicle 7.9.4920 was rolled out to users recently. It brought Android O’s presentation channels and a revamped hunt story perspective to a song player. The refurbish brought cold new facilities though it along came a Bluetooth bug that resulted in consistent app crash.

The emanate influenced many of a Android devices, and a usually viable repair was to invalidate Bluetooth on a device. It seemed that Bluetooth was a many apparent reason behind a pile-up as a app was usually shutting down when a device was connected to a Bluetooth device. If your device has not perceived a refurbish yet, afterwards we can still use a actor by branch off a Bluetooth.

Thankfully, Google acted fast in this box and bound a emanate before it influenced all a devices. Also, Bluetooth connectivity is critical for Google Play Music as many of a users listen to song on Bluetooth inclination such as speakers and earphones.

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Last month, Google Play Music launched a four-month giveaway subscription for new subscribers. It authorised a new users to indicate thousands of songs from a song library. Earlier, a new users were usually means to suffer browsing for only 3 months.

If we were confronting a app crashing emanate on Google Play Music afterwards a latest refurbish would repair it right away.


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