Published On: Mon, Jun 29th, 2015

Facebook’s Snapchatty New Photo Uploader Lets You Overlay Text And More

Face it. Your photos aren’t all that interesting. But Facebook’s going to assistance we jazz them adult with a glossy new print uploader, that is now accessible for many users on iOS and is contrast on Android. It lets we supplement overlaid content in any color, now preview filters that we appropriate opposite your photos, or pulp Facebook’s stickers on top. Facebook offering some-more customary filters before and had tested print stickers, yet now they live with a uninformed content choice in a new enhancements tray.


Add overlaid content to Facebook photos with a new uploader

If putting text, swipeable filters, and re-sizable emoji on photos sounds familiar, it competence be since that’s accurately what Snapchat does. Since Facebook’s unsuccessful merger bid, it’s watched Snapchat grow and grow. Its attempts to counterpart Snapchat as a whole, Poke and Slingshot, have failed. Meanwhile, Japanese messaging app Line has gotten large on a behind of stickers. So Facebook’s simply perplexing to bake a best of all else into a own.

Update: Facebook tells me:

“People wish to be artistic when they share practice with their friends and family on Facebook. We are rolling out a new place to residence all of Facebook’s photo-editing tools, creation it even easier to supplement filters, stickers, or content to your photos.”

Those with a new Facebook uploader on iOS will see a straight line swoop opposite their selected photo, alerting them they can appropriate to immediately adjust a shot with “Auto” tone correction, “Vintage” sepia, splendid “Spring”, golden “Summer”, orange “Fall”, pale “Winter”, and black-and-white “Snow” filters. The swiping feels gratifying and creates it discerning review adjacent filters, yet a bit harder to select between dual that aren’t subsequent to any other.


Facebook’s new filter interface lets we drag your finger opposite a print to try opposite filters. Here I’m swiping from a pale Winter filter to a black-and-white Snow filter.

A flashing sorcery wand symbol in a bottom left dilemma of a print opens a encouragement tray with tabs for filters, tags, text, cropping, and stickers. Users can daub by a some-more Instagram-style list of a filters, tab friends in a photos, or stand a image.

Facebook Photo Stickers

The content symbol cribs a interface from Facebook’s Slingshot. You can form in text, splash and drag to re-size and pierce it, and use a tone slider to select a hue. Annoyingly, though, we have to write a text and select a tone with your print confused in a background, rather than live on a print itself like with Snapchat.

You can call this all stealing, yet Facebook’s truth of delivering application is basically, “if it’s good for you, it’s even improved for the 1.4 billion users.”

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