Published On: Sat, May 9th, 2020

Facebook’s redesign goes live with simplified navigation and dim mode

After months of testing, Facebook’s redesign is finally official. Announced final year during F8, a some-more minimalist proceed to a desktop pattern has been rolled out in waves. In March, a association combined an choice to try out a new version. Users could switch behind and leave feedback for because they had finished so. This week, a redesign becomes central (and until we get it, a choice to refurbish manually is available, too). 

Change is hard, generally when it comes to redesigning a renouned website. Even a best redesign still requires some rewiring of a user’s mind to adapt. Simplicity is a thing here — that’s a quite large ask for a height like Facebook, that is constantly adding new venues for content. Having played around with it in a progressing iteration, we can contend that Facebook’s not fearful to leave a vacant board for this “fresh, simpler” design. Videos, games and groups are among those calm forms that will be prioritized here. 

The redesign takes cues from a mobile app, designed to offer faster bucket times and easier navigation (again, it will take removing used to). “We’ve grown given Facebook .com launched 16 years ago,” a association writes. “We’ve built new features, optimized for new inclination and handling systems, and stretched to hundreds of languages. Recently we’d focused on a mobile Facebook experience, and satisfied a desktop site had depressed behind. People need it to keep up.”

Facebook now lets many users opt-in to dim mode desktop redesign

For many, however, a biggest news here might be a long-awaited attainment of dim mode for a desktop, as Facebook finally joins a likes of Twitter and large apps. You’re no doubt familiar with a advantages of dim mode: it’s easier on a eyes and generally creates for a improved video observation knowledge (a tip priority for a company, these days).

Also new is a ability to emanate groups, pages and, naturally, ads faster than before. The new chronicle also offers previews of each, so we know what you’re removing yourself into before attack Publish.

The association says it’s still actively seeking user feedback. So we can voice your unavoidable restlessness by a Settings menu. Facebook will continue to tweak a pattern going forward, in a Sisyphean bid to greatfully everybody on a internet.

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