Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

Facebook’s new practical existence strategy: self-reliance

Today, Facebook’s VR ambitions looked inwards.

The newly announced $199 Oculus Go headset and arriving high-end “Santa Cruz” standalone will come with something past headsets haven’t: energy buttons.

By determining a end-to-end experience, Facebook gets to tackle VR with a Cupertino-like proceed to hardware that lets them equivocate a headaches of Windows/Android and a OEMs that build for them. While a company’s past efforts have been intricately tied to a fractured smartphone and PC markets, Facebook done transparent Wednesday that their destiny is wireless, uniform and all about their platform.

Oculus Go will save Facebook from carrying to build formidable partnerships with smartphone manufacturers that are 100x easier for Google to benefit by Android anyway. Samsung is Oculus’s usually crony when it comes to mobile VR, and this year a association put both of a flagship smartphones on Google Daydream, as well. This pierce could expected vigilance a destiny where Oculus moves divided from smartphone mobile VR as they change to building their possess platforms and vouchsafing Google browbeat VR on Android, that was a bit of an karma anyway.

The high-end “Santa Cruz” headset doesn’t need Windows and will instead rest on onboard compute. Oculus was some-more than a small deceptive in how they portrayed a device, so we won’t assume too much, though there’s small doubt that a headset will be reduction absolute as a standalone than what a Rift can now handle. That might finish adult unsatisfactory die-hards, though pointed movements of a high-end marketplace divided from being tethered to a PC is going to do Facebook a lot of favors in terms of height sustainability and withdrawal a early-adopter niche.

The thing is, there’s been this myth that Valve or Samsung or Microsoft or Sony are Oculus’s competitors, when a fact is that their categorical aspirant is irrelevancy.

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