Published On: Wed, Mar 15th, 2017

Facebook’s new ‘Town Hall’ underline helps we find and hit your supervision reps

In Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s scarcely 6,000-word declaration published final month, he laid out a series of global ambitions he had for a amicable network in a days brazen — including one where a users became more “civically-engaged” and voted some-more often. Now it seems Facebook has taken a initial stairs toward creation that possible, by a new underline it’s job “Town Hall.”

This latest further has usually popped adult on a “More” menu in Facebook’s mobile app, and offers a elementary approach for users to find and bond with their supervision member on a local, state and sovereign level.


To use Town Hall, we usually have to enter your residence — that Facebook says is not displayed or common (though it doesn’t contend it’s not “saved,” so be advised). We know this information will be used to energy destiny county rendezvous products, like anticipating a polling place or previewing a ballot.

This information will assistance stock a following screen with a list of your representatives, all of whom we can follow with usually a click of a button. The list includes not usually those representing we in a U.S. House and Senate, though also your state legislature and your governor, internal legislature members and your mayor, as good as those in other sovereign positions, like VP Mike Pence and President Trump.

The list you’ll see will be formed on your location, that means we competence not have internal reps seem — for example, if we live in a smaller city where internal officials don’t say a Facebook presence.

In further to being means to follow their Facebook Pages in sequence to accept their updates in your News Feed, any deputy also has a “Contact” symbol subsequent to their name.

When tapped, we have a choice to “Message” them, “Email” them, or revisit their Facebook Page. Of course, not all member are as accessible as others. In many cases, there might be no means of hit over visiting a Facebook Page.

On their Page, we might be means to puncture around to find a phone series or mailing address, if it happens to be published. However, this is definitely not as accessible as some of a eccentric websites that yield this information to we with usually a few clicks, including a newer resistance-focused services like Call to Action or 5 Calls, for instance, or even other mobile apps, like Countable.

It would be good to see Facebook raise a Town Hall resource with a full hit details for all officials going forward, generally given that this is open information and sincerely easy to find, even on central supervision websites.

Beyond following your reps and removing in touch, a Town Hall underline relates a bit of counterpart vigour to get we concerned by observant how many of your friends have connected with a supervision repute around Facebook. This isn’t all that useful over a potential psychological impact it has on users, by creation them not wish to be left out.

At a bottom of a page, we can also toggle voting reminders off or on, so you’ll be alerted when there’s an arriving choosing in your area.

Town Hall is frequency Facebook’s initial incursion into politics. The amicable network has frequently stirred users to register and opinion by a series of means, including pull notifications, banners in its News Feed, Messenger integrations, maps to polls, amicable pity features (like “I voted”) and some-more — including, in this past presidential election, an “Election 2016” by-pass in users’ Favorites territory on both web and mobile. It also published a voter guide, that enclosed down-ballot propositions and internal races.

We’ve asked Facebook for some-more sum as to a standing of a Town Hall feature’s rollout, and Facebook responded with a following statement:

“Town Hall is partial of a ongoing work to support county rendezvous on Election Day and each day. It is a dedicated space for people who wish to learn about and attend in a domestic process.”

The feature’s attainment follows several other new additions to Facebook’s sidebar in new months, including its new City Guides, Wi-Fi Finder, Discover People section and Weather guide.

Image credit, top: Marcbela (Marc N. Belanger) (Own work) [Public domain], around Wikimedia Commons; other images: Facebook; H/T: Jose Gutierrez

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