Published On: Wed, May 24th, 2017

Facebook’s New Live Video Features Let You Have Fun With Friends On Private Comment Box

Facebook’s live streaming underline has had a satisfactory share of highs and lows. The amicable media hulk has a categorical concentration on a “Live” feature, and today, it has launched dual new options for live video – Live Chat With Friends and Live With.

Live With

To recall, a Live With underline is not wholly new as it has been accessible for a celebs and other successful accounts. Now, a association has rolled it out to all a iOS users. The “Live With” underline lets we supplement a guest to your Live video. Your guest will seem in picture-in-picture shade mode or corresponding on your video; we will confirm a video style. Such underline could come accessible for a users who wish to control a fun live video with their prolonged stretch friend. It could also be of good assistance if we only wish to supplement your crony to a video for a brief generation – only to countenance your indicate or to make a video even better.

Live Chat With Friends

The second underline – Live Chat With Friends let we have your personalised criticism territory next a live video conducted by any media page or crony on Facebook. It will concede carrying a contention underneath a live video with name friends instead of everybody who has tuned into a live stream. It’s like your personal criticism box with only your friends, wherein we can discuss live. You can use this underline by promulgation invites to friends who have already tuned into a open live tide and even a ones who haven’t. This underline also lets we change from private review to open review via a generation of a live video. It will also let we lift on a contention with friends even after a video ends.

For now, Facebook is rolling out these facilities to name iOS users all around a world. It has skeleton to hurl it out to everybody (Android users too), by a finish of summer.

Meanwhile, we can check out a dedicated support page for a underline on Facebook. It will uncover we how to use these facilities on your mobile and desktop.

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