Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

Facebook’s New Feature Protect Profile Picture Against Download and Misuse

If we have ever felt uncertain about uploading your form pattern on Facebook fearing a injustice or download of a picture, afterwards we will be happy to know about a new underline debuting on a amicable networking giant. For now, a association is piloting a new underline in India that guards your form pattern opposite being downloaded and misused.

Depending on a outcome of a tests in India, Facebook could hurl it out for other markets. In a nutshell, Facebook users in India will now see a beam on their news feed that will capacitate them to activate “profile pattern guard.” With this new confidence feature, no one would be means to download your pattern from Facebook.

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Also, Facebook has commissioned new facilities that will forestall other users from holding a screenshot of a picture. However, for now, screenshotting shall usually be blocked on Android inclination due to restrictions on other handling systems.

Facebook is not usually putting guards for form pattern download, though there are other facilities in place as well. Now, non-Facebook friends won’t be means to tab any other in a form picture.

Shield icon on form picture

Profile photos with activated ensure shall now arrangement a blue limit and a defense to indicate that they are protected, though Facebook also states that users will be authorised to supplement a pattern conceal to their form pictures.

In a blog post, Facebook product manager Aarati Soman writes:

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Based on rough tests, we’ve schooled that when someone adds an additional pattern covering to their form picture, other people are during slightest 75% reduction expected to duplicate that picture. If someone suspects that a pattern noted with one of these designs is being misused, they can news it to Facebook, and we will use a pattern to assistance establish either it should be private from a community.

Well, Facebook does not explain how a pattern conceal would strengthen a picture, though a tradition designed conceal sets adult a personal domain for a pattern and helps in imprinting a ownership. It creates it easier for a user to news a picture.

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