Published On: Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

Facebook’s F8 developers discussion will be some-more different than final year

Ahead of Facebook’s annual developers conference, F8, Facebook common a demographic makeup of this year’s approaching attendees exclusively with TechCrunch.

Of a people who chose to disclose, 28.7% self-identified as women (a 4.9% boost from final year) and 19.3% self-identified as underrepresented ethnicities in tech (black, Latinx, Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander), representing a 5.6% boost from final year.

For a second year in a row, Facebook has also donated $250,000 value of F8 deduction to account a grant module for underrepresented people in tech. This year, Facebook has donated some of a deduction from F8 to Hack Reactor’s Telegraph Track for underrepresented engineers.

“The F8 concession will fuel a enlargement of Telegraph lane as we devise to endowment full-tuition scholarships to 14 underrepresented engineers looking to join a Telegraph Track community,” Hack Reactor ‎Director of Diversity and Inclusion Albrey Brown told TechCrunch in an email.

Last year, Facebook donated a income to Dev Bootcamp to account scholarships for 20 people of tone and/or women to attend in a 19-week program.

“F8, in and of itself, is a cross-section not only of Facebook, though of a attention as a whole,” Facebook Diversity Business Partner Kiva Wilson told TechCrunch.

Wilson went on to contend that a ceiling trend in different illustration during F8 is one Facebook works tough for, and “frankly, is sparkling and provides a bit some-more encouragement.”

Facebook initial started collecting a demographic makeup of a F8 attendees in 2015. That’s since tech conferences, including this publication’s dear Disrupt, are notoriously dominated by masculine attendees.

Compared to Facebook’s worker demographics, a discussion for developers is some-more racially different though not some-more different when it comes to gender. Underrepresented secular minorities make adult only 10% of Facebook’s worker bottom in a U.S., while they make adult 19.3% of attendees during F8. Facebook is 33% female, while F8 attendees are only 28.7% female.

Regarding speakers during F8, Wilson wouldn’t divulge a demographics or names, though said attendees will be means to notice an alleviation this year compared to final year.

“I am a full proponent and follower in a judgment that we can’t be what we can’t see,” Wilson said.

Featured Image: Eric Risberg/AP

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