Published On: Wed, Dec 27th, 2017

Facebook’s ‘comment a memory’ meme should reinstate ‘HBD!’

I find it truly unhappy a approach Facebook has led us to revoke wishing friends a happy birthday to a meaningless, general chore. It’s not Facebook’s fault. It gives us an open-ended criticism box. But a indolence and clarity of amicable requirement spread as a raise of “Happy Birthday!” or even “HBD!” wall posts.

I’ve been bashing this emergent function given 2011. It’s one of a reasons people feel like Facebook is destroying a definition of friendship. Some go so distant as to change a date of their birthday or tighten their wall to equivocate a contentless notifications. Some competence contend posting “HBD” or another elementary refinement is improved than nothing, though it’s so easy to be some-more heartfelt.

That’s since we consider a latest Facebook standing refurbish meme going around should be repurposed for birthdays. Dozens of friends recently posted “If you’re reading this, even if we hardly talk, comment a memory of us. After, make this your standing since you’d be astounded a memories people reason of you.”

It’s cute, no doubt, mostly mouth-watering a flurry of touching stories, vehement tales and stupid photos. But it also feels a bit “extra” (no offense). I’m certain copiousness of people have declined to repost a call to movement for fear of appearing needy or like they’re pandering for engagement.

After all, Facebook recently told business Pages admins they’d be downranked in a News Feed for posting this kind of “engagement bait” since a comments pretence a algorithm into meditative a post is some-more critical than it is.

So rather than creation people require us into pity a memories together, let’s give them freely. Next time we go to post on someone’s wall for their birthday, take that additional second to remember a impulse we common together or something specific we adore about them. Social media doesn’t have to attempt a humanity.

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