Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2020

Facebook will start alerting users who have interacted with ‘harmful misinformation’ about COVID-19

Facebook this morning announced a latest step in a bid to fight a widespread of misinformation around a ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Chief among them is a new summary targeting users who have commented on, reacted to or favourite fake calm about a virus.

The amicable network will cocktail adult a summary from a World Health Organization (recently defunded by Trump) with an choice to share a couple or revisit a WHO’s COVID-19 debunk site. “We wish to bond people who might have interacted with damaging misinformation about a pathogen with a law from lawful sources in box they see or hear these claims again off of Facebook,” a association wrote in a post.

The pop-up is set to start appearing in a entrance weeks. Debunks on a list include:

  • 5G mobile networks DO NOT widespread COVID-19.

  • Exposing yourself to a object or to temperatures aloft than 25C degrees DOES NOT forestall a coronavirus illness (COVID-19).

  • You can redeem from a coronavirus illness (COVID-19). Catching a new coronavirus DOES NOT meant we will have it for life.

  • Being means to reason your exhale for 10 seconds or some-more though coughing or feeling annoy DOES NOT meant we are giveaway from a coronavirus illness (COVID-19) or any other lung disease.

  • Drinking ethanol does not strengthen we opposite COVID-19 and can be dangerous.

  • COVID-19 pathogen can be transmitted in areas with prohibited and wet climates.

  • Cold continue and sleet CANNOT kill a new coronavirus.

  • Taking a prohibited bath does not forestall a new coronavirus disease.

  • The new coronavirus CANNOT be transmitted by butterfly bites.

You seem like a receptive chairman who substantially knew all of that, though this is Facebook we’re articulate about here. So, um, improved protected than sorry. The site has also combined a new page called Get a Facts that curates accurate info, including media fact checks. That information will shortly drip into Facebook News, as well.

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