Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2019

Facebook Viewpoints pays users for contentment surveys & tasks

Facebook is rising a new marketplace research, task, and product contrast module that lets users acquire money. Starting today, people in a US who are over 18 can download Viewpoints and attend in a contentment consult so Facebook can learn to “limit a disastrous impacts of amicable media and raise a benefits.” Other opportunities embody completing online chores on interest of Facebook, or perplexing out new apps or inclination forward of launch so Facebook can labour them.

The contentment consult will take about 15 mins measure users 1000 points, that translates into a $5 prerogative that’s paid over PayPal . People meddlesome in signing adult can join Viewpoints here. The association claims it will usually use a information collected internally and won’t sell it. Facebook Viewpoints is accessible on iOS and Android, and a association skeleton to open a app to some-more countries subsequent year.

The doubt is either users will be gentle giving adult even some-more information Facebook. Many are already creeped out by Facebook, though a financial inducement competence overrule their morals.

Meanwhile, Facebook will have to work to forestall a app from beinh abused. Most importantly, it needs to figure out how to make certain underage minors aren’t slipping into a app. They competence be some-more exposed to duress by cash, and reduction wakeful of a consequences of pity their data.

I attempted regulating Viewpoints though wasn’t invited to a contentment investigate or any other opportunities, so we couldn’t acquire any income or try it out serve as som studies are open usually to people in certain locations or demographics. For now we have to record in with a Facebook comment though it showed greyed out options for Google, phone, and email login that Facebook says are entrance soon. Payments can take adult to 10 days to routine and your points end after 5 years. Facebook won’t post or publicly share any info we yield by a app.

The launch of Viewpoints comes after Facebook close down a paid marketplace notice module Research and a giveaway VPN that collected users’ information Onavo in a arise of a TechCrunch review that found a association was profitable teenagers for their information while violation Apple’s manners about distributing employee-only apps outward of a company.

The amicable network relaunched a marketplace investigate efforts underneath a name Study From Facebook in Jun with a joining to not permitting kids access. But in a meantime, leaked justice papers have shown that Facebook purposefully used marketplace investigate collected from Onavo to find intensity rivals to cut off from a data. Facebook is now underneath anti-trust investigations surrounding concerns that disadvantaging a competitors harm consumer choice in amicable apps.

Facebook pays teenagers to implement VPN that spies on them

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