Published On: Thu, Feb 11th, 2016

Facebook Tests SMS Integration In Messenger, Launches Support For Multiple Accounts

Facebook says it’s contrast a proceed for users to receive, review and respond to their SMS-based conversations in a Messenger focus for mobile devices. The feature, that would be discretionary if broadly rolled out, could assistance to change users divided from their default texting focus and see them augmenting their time spent Facebook Messenger instead.

Also new is combined support for regulating Messenger with mixed accounts – a underline designed for those who common devices.

The amicable network reliable a SMS tests were underway following reports of what seemed to be a lapse of SMS support in Messenger.

As a blog Android Police noted, some users were observant a new SMS Settings mirror that authorised them to use Messenger as an SMS client.

When texting a crony in Messenger with a choice enabled, a prompt in a calm submit box would review “Write an SMS message.” The messages sent as SMS texts would afterwards seem as purple bubbles, instead of Messenger’s common blue, a blog also said.



Though many of today’s younger users might not remember, Facebook Messenger creatively operated as an SMS deputy app as good as a proceed to fast discuss with Facebook friends. However, in late 2013, a association overhauled a focus and combined a proceed for users to summary non-friends by their phone number. Those messages were delivered inside a recipient’s Messenger app.

At a same time, Facebook pulled a choice to indeed send out SMS messages, observant that a underline had seen “low traction.” In reality, a association expected wanted to force Messenger adoption – something it did unequivocally well, also by pulling a functionality from a default Facebook app in 2014.

The fact that Facebook might now be deliberation bringing SMS support behind to Messenger lines adult with a company’s formerly announced prophesy matter for 2016, that enclosed skeleton to make a phone series disappear, a association had said.

As TechCrunch’s Josh Constine forked out during a time, Messenger is so distant forward of other messaging apps in a U.S. that a usually genuine foe is SMS and iMessage.

To date, the company has already finished several large strides to assistance transition people divided from regulating their phone’s local texting app, including a launch of a underline that let anyone send a summary ask to anyone on Facebook, that separated a need to know someone’s phone number.

“Message requests,” as a underline is known, brings remoteness to a mobile messaging experience, too – while we can perspective these requests along with more information about a sender in your Filtered Requests folder, a message’s sender never knows if we looked during their message.

The underline also allows for a conflicting form of amicable tie on Facebook – people who can summary you, though aren’t your Facebook “friend.”

However, to truly kill off SMS, it seems that Facebook might have satisfied that it will (once again) have to concede people to use Messenger as their SMS client. All a bells and whistles – including GIFs, print and video support, voice calling, dark chess games!, etc. – are not adequate if your crony doesn’t have a app installed. You’ll substantially still usually calm them.

Turning a mobile messaging app into a default SMS customer is something that Google has also finished on Android, of course. However, it’s been backtracking on a doing in new days. The company’s SMS-integrated Hangouts app has been seeking users to switch behind to Google’s regular SMS app instead, users have noticed.

Facebook, clearly, is holding a conflicting approach.

A association orator reliable a SMS test, saying:

At Messenger we are always perplexing to emanate new ways for people to promulgate seamlessly with everyone. Right now, we’re contrast a ability for people to simply move all their conversations – from SMS and Messenger – to one place. It’s a unequivocally elementary proceed to get, see and respond to all your SMS messages in usually one app. By selecting to entrance your SMS messages in Messenger, they’re right alongside all a other extended facilities that Messenger offers.

We know that a tests are now live usually with a tiny series of Android users in the U.S.

Unfortunately, since of a deeper OS formation compulsory to make this underline work, it’s doubtful that iOS users will ever have a choice to use Messenger for SMS messages.

Also New: Support for Multiple Accounts on Messenger

SMS support is not a only change entrance to Messenger – Facebook also announced support for mixed accounts in a app.


Until today, Messenger hasn’t nonetheless offering an easy proceed for users to switch accounts, that meant those pity a device would often install, then uninstall Messenger in sequence to use a app privately.

Now Messenger for Android has a new territory called “Accounts,” that lets we supplement and mislay accounts on a app. These can also be password-protected so usually a comment hilt can review their messages. Others will usually see notifications that a summary has been perceived – not a content.

A spokesperson reliable this addition, as well, saying, “millions of people share phones with their family and friends. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy proceed for people to entrance their particular Messenger accounts from common devices. To residence this, we’ve launched a underline on Android to capacitate mixed people to record in and use Messenger from a singular phone.”

This feature, distinct a SMS option, is accessible worldwide.

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