Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Facebook teen-in-residence defects to Google and launches “Lies”

At age 17, Michael Sayman was Facebook’s youngest worker ever. Having already launched 5 apps, he wowed Mark Zuckerberg, warranted a demo mark on theatre during Facebook F8 conference, and scored a full-time engineering gig as a amicable network’s go-to teen. Over a past 3 years, he helped Facebook try to moment a center propagandize marketplace with apps like a now left Lifestage.

But in Aug he switched sides, withdrawal to go work for Google. Yet his arrangement hasn’t stopped a now-21-year-old Sayman from tinkering with apps during his off-hours.

Today he launches his latest, a trivia diversion called Lies where we try to theory a one loyal fact about a crony among an array of fibs. It follows a amicable mechanics of his initial hit, 4Snaps, that was like Pictionary though where we take 4 photos instead of sketch to get people to theory a right word.

Facebook is constantly indicted of duplicating competitors like Snapchat, though with Lies, Sayman is returning a favor. Lies mimes a interface of tbh, a unknown teen enrich pity app Facebook recently acquired after it strike #1. “The thought came to me as an expansion of a past games we had created, as good as what we beheld was apropos renouned on a App Store today.”

In Lies, we initial upload your contacts, and afterwards take a Tinder-style form ask where we appropriate approbation or no about questions about yourself. Then you’re given tbh-style four-choice questions about friends with a thought of rightly guessing that tribia tidbit about them is true. The statements operation from “I’ve left spare dipping” to “I’m fearful of crowds” to “I’ve kissed someone on a initial date”.

When friends answer questions about you, we get notified. “This diversion ends friendships” it declares, as we competence learn who doesn’t unequivocally know we or thinks a misfortune about you.

That’s about it. Sayman proudly says he built a app over only dual weekends before fasten Google, so it’s skinny and competence still be a bit buggy. An Android chronicle is in a works.

Michael Sayman grew adult during Facebook. On a right, him during age 17 with Mark Zuckerberg. On a left, him during 20 (he’s now 21).

While a lovable idea, Lies competence stoop to impatience and vanity. It takes a few mins of uninterrupted self-interviewing to answer adequate questions to fill your form and clear a game. Some teenagers competence splinter before ever removing that far. And people competence distortion when responding some of a lewder or insulting questions, like either they’ve ever peed in a showering or stolen income from their grandparents. That breaks a diversion given friends’ guesses are irrelevant if a source of law is feign news.

You could see Lies as a devil-on-your-shoulder reflection to a tbh angel. The racier questions competence pull people in, though a consistent traffic in ashamed topics could get exhausting. Still, Lies is another step towards Sayman enormous a formula with a strike mobile app. He’s been building them given he was 13. And with Snapchat, Facebook, Houseparty, and other startups all chasing a teen market, Sayman’s multiple of girl and knowledge make him a prohibited commodity.

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