Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2018

Facebook survives Q4 with negligence 1.4B daily users though record $12.97B revenue

Despite worries about Russia and that pacifist News Feed scrolling hurts us, Facebook kick expectations again in a Q4 2017 gain report. Facebook now has 1.4 billion daily users, adult 2.18% compared to flourishing 3.8% to 1.37 billion users in Q3. That’s a sizeable delayed down, and a lowest quarter-over-quarter commission daily user expansion ever reported by a company.

That could be given CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook done changes including display fewer viral videos “that reduced time spent on Facebook by roughly 50 million hours any day.” That equates to 2.14 mins per daily user per day, or 5% of sum time spent on Facebook. The viral video changes triggered Facebook’s first-ever decrease in daily active users in a US Canada region, that saw a 700,000 user decline.

Facebook reached $12.97 billion in income with $2.21 practiced GAAP gain per share if we don’t count a large taxation it had to compensate on abroad money that translated into a $0.77 rebate in EPS. Without that tax, it kick Wall Street’s estimates of $12.55 billion in income and $1.95 EPS, yet with it reported $1.44 EPS.

Facebook’s monthly user count is now during 2.13 billion, adult 3.39% from 2.06 billion in Q3 compared to 3.19% expansion that quarter, so a monthly user expansion sped adult even as daily user expansion slowed. Yet Facebook’s stickiness, or a commission of monthly users that come behind daily, hold clever during 66% where it’s been given 2015. That shows people are still avidly returning to a site even if they spend reduction time there.

Average income per user climbed to $6.18, adult 27% from a year ago. Average income was adult 47% year-over-year, even yet Facebook has been warning investors that it’s using out of space in a News Feed to put ads. Facebook raked in a record $4.26 billion in profit, down from $4.7 billion a prior entertain due to that large tax. Facebook’s share cost was down during initial down a high 4% in after-hours trading, yet now is adult over 3%.

[Updates from a gain call: Facebook announced that WhatsApp now has 1.5 billion monthly users, adult from 1.3 billion in July. It announced a 700,000 daily user decrease in a US Canada due to shortening viral video visibility. Zuckerberg pronounced he’s destined his association to priortize not a many suggestive content, yet a calm that drives a many suggestive interaction. Facebook’s investigate suggests sum Story posting opposite apps will pass feed posting.]

Overall, a formula uncover how divorced Facebook’s user function is from a day-to-day news coverage blustering it for permitting Russian division in US elections and for creation us diseased zombie browsers. ComScore and Nielsen explain time spent on Facebook per U.S. user is declining, and that showed adult in a daily user count growth. And Facebook purposefully done changes heading to a initial ever decrease of daily users in a US. But Facebook seems to be creation adult for that in general monthly user expansion and squeezing some-more dollars out of any ad.

With a Snapchat hazard mostly neutralized around Instagram, Facebook’s biggest rivalry is itself. Now it has to work to preemptively lame any destiny remoteness crises or other scandals, and co-opt a “Time Well Spent” rallying call before it becomes a “Time to leave Facebook” movement.

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