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Facebook still wants to be a media company

Facebook might have disbanded a “Trending” news section, nonetheless a amicable network is not abandoning a media association ambitions, notwithstanding whatever CEO Mark Zuckerberg pronounced to Congress. In fact, a conflicting of “not being a media business” is now occurring: Facebook is directly profitable news publishers to emanate video, even as it claims a concentration is on we and your “time good spent” on a site.

Sorry, Facebook, nonetheless we can no longer explain you’re just a platform, usually a record enabler, when we are directly appropriation journalism.

And we can’t explain we caring about a time when you’re appropriation all these new videos meant to pull us in daily and keep us watching.

Facebook supports a news

It was recently announced that Facebook will hurl out a array of news video shows from name partners, including TV news organizations CNN, ABC News, Fox News Channel and Univision, along with internal news publisher Advance Local, and digital companies ATTN: and Mic. The shows will embody a brew of live and violation news as good as longer-form array and features.

The shows are being saved by Facebook for during slightest one year’s time, nonetheless a (undisclosed) terms will change by network.

Even nonetheless publishers have had a carpet pulled out from underneath them before — when, suddenly, Facebook motionless it was time to concentration on “quality time” on a network, and decreased publisher calm in a News Feed as a outcome — they seem happy to emanate calm for Facebook nonetheless again.

I know, it’s baffling.

In addition, it’s building out a game-streaming aspirant to conflict Amazon’s Twitch and Google’s YouTube.

But what’s even worse is that Facebook continues to explain some arrange of “we’re usually a platform” view — and one that cares about users’ time, no less! — even as it pursues these initiatives.

Time good spent… examination a news and videos

The pierce to account news videos not usually invalidates Facebook’s claims on a “just a tech platform” front, it calls into doubt how critical a association is about its “time good spent” focus.

This newer set of product growth discipline aims to boost a prominence of personal calm during a responsibility of publishers and other junk.

The association is not alone in meditative about time good spent, even if it doesn’t know what it’s doing about it.

Amid a flourishing recoil about a evils of record obsession on a brain, romantic and amicable growth and peculiarity of life, other tech companies, including both Apple and Google, have now announced important new efforts to recover control over a phones’ ability to interrupt, highlight and addict. Both are rolling out new digital wellness collection in their subsequent mobile doing complement updates that will concede users to guard and control their phone and app use like never before.

Facebook, to some extent, has been attempting to attend in this transformation as well, even as Apple in sold targets it as one of a apps we should all cut down on.

To a credit, Facebook reduced publisher calm on a News Feed and a participation of viral videos, and saw a daily active users decrease as a result.

Today, a latest “time good spent”-associated underline is arriving: “Memories,” a territory where we can fondly demeanour behind on all a personal pity and connectors Facebook has enabled, and applaud those moments with family and friends. (To be clear, Facebook is not job Memories a partial of “time good spent,” we are.)

The underline aims to remind users that a amicable network is truly about your personal connections, not a browsing of third-party content. It ties into Facebook’s incomparable self-image: The association still likes to prognosticate itself, ever optimistically, as a force for good in a world. A height that brings people together.

Yes, a height used for Russian choosing nosiness in a U.S. Yes, a one where millions of users had their information wasted by messy information doing policies. Yes, a one that contributes to genocide.

But look, have some aged birthday celebration pictures! We caring about you! 

If ‘connecting people’ was a goal, Facebook would demeanour a lot different

Look, there’s nothing wrong with Facebook pulling users to revisit their memories with family and friends, and many will even conclude Facebook’s Memories underline and find fun in regulating it.

But it’s increasingly tough to take Facebook severely when it claims “connecting people” and “quality time” are a incomparable goals while it puts a income elsewhere.

To date, Facebook has consumed so many opportunities to innovate on a height around a theme of personal sharing, and has instead mostly incited into a cloning appurtenance where it adopts a innovations of others.

Really, what has it finished newly that’s not a duplicate of Instagram duplicating Snapchat?

Even Apple now has a improved Photos product than Facebook. Apple’s is infused with AI smarts and involuntary pity prompts in iOS 12, while Facebook is still reckoning out where to hang a Stories module.

And because can’t Facebook users simply hunt behind by their memories and photos, in a strong appurtenance learning-infused ways that Apple and Google can?

Facebook can’t find aged photos from a hunt bar

Google can with ease

Really, because hasn’t Facebook — during slightest some-more recently — built us anything useful with a information we provided?

After all those check-ins and posts about that books we’re reading or what we’re examination on TV, all we get are some-more targeted ads.

If a association cared about connecting us with a friends, it could have built dozens of facilities on a behind of this information by now:

  • Robust hunt facilities that incited a common information into a possess private, personal hunt engines
  • What to watch recommendations and reminders for a favorite streaming services
  • TV Time-like collection for tracking a binges and assembly associate fans
  • Book clubs formed on what your friends are reading
  • Notifications about grill openings circuitously formed on where you’ve eaten before
  • Collaborative print albums (yes, it attempted this by a Moments app, that peaked in popularity, nonetheless instead of doubling down on a app it’s authorised Google Photos to browbeat and Apple to locate adult with AI facilities and iCloud advancements)
  • Personalized transport guides (another experiment that died)
  • Private family groups that offering things like digitization services for pity photos from aged albums (it could have partnered with third parties on this), grandma’s recipes, private updates, family histories and more, instead of indicating families to a general-purpose “groups” product, that isn’t built with a specific needs of families in mind

I mean, these are usually a few off a tip of my head. I’m certain we can consider of a dozen more.

Instead we’ve got Facebook rising some round-up of aged personal pity facilities (and remember it stole On This Day from Timehop) and investing heavily in all video by funding news and cloning Twitch — both of that aim to siphon adult your time.

I know, we know — it’s too late for Facebook to go behind to being a usually a amicable network.

It would need a radical revamp of what Facebook is and does. It would have to mislay publisher content, destroy a video business and totally detain a viral widespread of news — feign and differently — by restricting URL-laden posts from being ocular by anyone nonetheless your friends or a Facebook Groups with that they were shared.

Facebook can’t do this. It won’t do this. Facebook wants to survive.

So instead, let’s usually insist Facebook be honest about itself: Yes, we’re a media association AND a tech height AND a video network AND a amicable network.

Anything claiming differently is a lie.

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