Published On: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

Facebook shuts down the Snapchat aspirant Lifestage and the standalone Groups app

Facebook is paring down a collection of standalone apps. The company’s initial “teens-only” app Lifestage, designed to negate Snapchat’s threat, has been pulled from a App Store. Its disappearance was initial speckled by Business Insider, and Facebook reliable a removal. However, Lifestage isn’t a usually Facebook app that’s being killed off as of late – a association is also shutting down a Groups app, initial launched in 2014 to assistance users improved discover, hunt and bond with their several Facebook Groups.

In a proclamation about a Groups’ app’s closure, Facebook pronounced it believed a group could do some-more for a village by operative on improvements to Groups within a categorical Facebook app.

It seems that’s been a box for some time, however. The Facebook Groups app had grown to be really cart in new months, mostly to a indicate of apropos unusable. And it didn’t demeanour like Facebook had any seductiveness in regulating those glitches, most reduction stability to hurl out improvements to a Groups app overall.

Groups, I’d argue, eventually unsuccessful since it didn’t residence a problem with regulating Groups on Facebook during all. There was no News Feed in a app where we could crop usually Group posts but Page updates and standing updates from friends churned in; there was no concept hunt opposite your Groups; and there was no approach to classify Groups into collections for easier access, among other oversights.

The app itself has already been private from a App Store, and will stop functioning for existent users on Sep 1st, Facebook says.

While Facebook Groups is still a pivotal concentration for a amicable network going brazen – if not as a own, apart mobile knowledge – it’s not as startling that Facebook shutting down Lifestage.

That app, by design, targeted a singular user bottom – usually those 21 or younger could even pointer up. Launched final year by afterwards 19-year aged product engineer Michael Sayman, Lifestage put a complicated importance on video and on removing to know your friends by a QA form experience.

But Facebook no longer needs a approach counterpoint to Snapchat. It has Instagram. In April, Instagram’s Stories underline strike 200 million users, leading Snapchat’s user bottom of 161 million. As of this month, Instagram Stories has 250 million daily users compared to Snapchat’s 166 million.

The association has blatantly ripped off some of Snapchat’s best features, like a protracted existence and selfie filters. Its ability to counterpart Snapchat’s facilities is speeding up, TechCrunch’s Josh Constine also recently noted. Though it took scarcely 3 years to launch a chronicle of Stories, Instagram was means to duplicate a “create your stickers” underline in 4 months.

That leaves small need to continue to concentration on an app like Lifestage, that never became an App Store success. At a commencement of August, it was ranked #1,392 on a iOS’s giveaway charts in a U.S., and unranked on Google Play.

This is not a initial time Facebook has spotless residence of under-performing apps. A integrate of years ago, it sealed down a inner incubator Creative Labs, along with several of a apps, including photo-sharing app Slingshot, anonymous discuss app Rooms, and collaborative video app Riff.

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