Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Facebook prototypes tabbed News Feed with Most Recent & Seen

Facebook competence make it easier to shun a ranking algorithm and try a News Feed in opposite formats. Facebook has internally prototyped a tabbed chronicle of a News Feed for mobile that includes a customary Most Relevant feed, a existent Most Recent feed of retreat sequential posts that was formerly buried as a sidebar bookmark and an Already Seen feed of posts you’ve formerly noticed that historically was usually accessible on desktop around a mostly different URL

The tabbed feed is now unlaunched, though if Facebook strictly rolls it out, it could make a amicable network feel some-more energetic and alive as it’d be easier to entrance Most Recent to perspective what’s function in genuine time. It also could assistance users lane down an critical post they mislaid that they competence wish to learn from or criticism on. The tabbed interface would be a biggest change to News Feed given 2013 when Facebook announced though after scrapped a launch of a multi-feed with side bar options for only exploring Music, Photos, Close Friends and more.

The tabbed News Feed antecedent was speckled in a Facebook for Android formula by master retreat engineering dilettante Jane Manchun Wong, who has supposing to TechCrunch tips on core new features. She was means to beget these screenshots that uncover a tabs for Relevant, Recent and Seen above a News Feed. Tapping these reveals a Sort Your News Feed pattern window where we can select between a feeds, see descriptions from them or dive into a existent News Feed preferences about who we retard or see first.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals a later-scrapped multi-feed

When asked by TechCrunch, a Facebook orator reliable this is something it’s deliberation contrast externally, though it’s only internally accessible for now. It’s exploring either a tabbed interface would make Most Recent and Seen easier to access. “You can already perspective your Facebook News Feed chronologically. We’re contrast ways to make it easier to find, as good as arrange by posts you’ve already seen,” a orator tells TechCrunch, and a association also tweeted.

Offering quicker ways to arrange a feed could keep users scrolling longer. If they confront a few tedious posts selected by a algorithm, wish to see what friends are doing right now or wish to suffer posts they already interacted with, a tabbed interface would give them an present choice over shutting a app. While expected not a ground for this experiment, augmenting time spent opposite these feeds could boost Facebook’s ad views during a time when it has been beaten by Wall Street for negligence distinction growth.

To many, Facebook’s algorithm can feel like an complicated black box that decides their calm destiny. Feed it a wrong signals with empathize Likes or guilty-pleasure video views and it can get confused about what we want. Facebook competence finally hold us mature adequate to have straightforwardly accessible controls over what we see.

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