Published On: Tue, Feb 2nd, 2016

Facebook Opens Up Registration For Its F8 Developer Conference


Each year, Facebook binds a large ol’ developer discussion where it announces a few new products, horde a garland of sessions for developers to learn how to work with a several products underneath Facebook’s watch (WhatsApp, Oculus, Facebook itself, etc.), and everybody drinks a small too many underneath a guise of networking.

At final year’s show, a association announced its plans to make Messenger a height for developers, support for round videos in a newsfeed, and support for embeddable videos. It also announced that Parse was relocating into a Internet of Things realm.. which, of course, no longer matters since it has since killed Parse.

This year’s F8 will occur on Apr 12th and 13th. Looking to get a chair this year? Good news! Registration only non-stop adult — though there’s a bit of a catch.

This isn’t a initial come, initial served kind of deal. If we wish to go and weren’t invited by Facebook, you’ll have to request for a ticket, explaining because we wish to go, what we do for a living, etc. If Facebook decides you’re adult to snuff, a tickets will cost $595 a cocktail — about two-thirds of a cost of a sheet to Google I/O and around one-third a cost of a sheet to Apple’s WWDC, for reference.

The registration site is now live right over here.

If we don’t get in, don’t persperate it too hard: As always, Facebook will be streaming many of a show. 

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