Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

Facebook Now Lets You Use Multiple Accounts On Messenger For Android


Lets contend you’ve got kids. They like regulating Facebook Messenger to keep in hold with other kids to speak about Minecraft or burble resin or whatever kids speak about these days (What? we don’t know. I’m 28, so I’m fundamentally a million years aged in cool-stuff years.)

You’re happy to let them use Facebook Messenger in a evenings, though we don’t consider they’re utterly aged adequate for a phone of their possess usually yet. What to do?

Facebook has usually simplified things a bit, adding support for mixed Messenger accounts on one device.

Facebook has designed this underline to be flattering flexible, in a clarity that we can establish either we need a cue to bound into any of a other accounts.

For example, we can set it so that you, as a parent, can bound into your kids accounts if we wish to make certain they’re not chattin’ adult a charge with any weirdos. Meanwhile, your possess comment can be sealed down so Junior doesn’t event on anything that’ll repairs him forever.

Or, if you’re usually pity a inscription with a roommates, we can close down everyone’s comment to keep everyone’s private things private and to keep life play free. All anyone can see for other accounts is a presentation count.

We initial speckled this underline in contrast about a week ago, though now it’s strictly rolling out. The catch? It’s Android only, for now — so if you’re pity an iPad, you’re stranded logging-in-and-out-like-a-chump.

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