Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

Facebook nabs COO Jennifer Dulski to lead Groups

Facebook is critical about regulating Groups to propel a new idea to “bring a universe closer together.” That’s since it’s done a big-name sinecure for a product personality for a Facebook Groups team. Former COO and boss Jennifer Dulski will take a role.

In a Facebook post, Facebook’s CPO Chris Cox wrote, “This is a large day for us since we’ve been perplexing to partisan Jen for a prolonged time. Many of we already know she’s a product star who’s focused on amicable impact.” We’ve reached out to Facebook and Dulski for serve comment.

Dulski wrote on her possess Facebook that, “At a time when a universe seems increasingly divided and people are mostly feeling some-more alone, it is some-more critical than ever to assistance people emanate and be partial of communities that are suggestive to them — communities that learn us about any other and remind us of what we share rather than what pulls us apart.”

Prior to her 4.5 years during, Dulski was a organisation VP during Yahoo, afterwards co-founded internal deals startup The Dealmap, that she sole to Google in 2011. She’s also sat on a play of TEGNA (formerly Gannett), Little Passports and Move Inc. Dulski quiescent from a TEGNA house currently to equivocate any conflicts of interest.

Facebook Groups already has 1 billion users out of a amicable network’s 2 billion total, and 100 million people go to what Facebook calls “meaningful Groups.” But Facebook has set of a idea of removing 1 billion people into suggestive groups. In Jun a association rallied Group admins together in Chicago for a limit where it announced new facilities like Group analytics and member ask questionnaires.

There’s a outrageous event for Dulski to overpass a opening between pity publicly or to hundreds of friends in a News Feed, and communicating directly with tighten friends around Messenger. Groups is where users can forge critical holds with strangers who share their hobbies, ambitions, life phases, medical conditions or domestic affiliation.

Facebook’s new Admin Recommended Groups feature

Creating those ties isn’t only a approach for Facebook to compute itself from promote networks like Twitter and discuss services like Snapchat. The product could expostulate Facebook’s wish to mend a polarized village in a arise of a 2016 U.S. presidential choosing that divided people by celebration lines, geographic plcae and beliefs on argumentative issues like immigration and healthcare.

Facebook has taken a swat for purportedly assisting Donald Trump win a presidency by a placement of fake news and domestic ad buys by a Republican debate and Russian agents seeking to change a election. If Dulski can build improved discovery, communication and mediation facilities into Groups, it could uncover people that Facebook can arrange them with their communities rather than pitting people opposite any other.

You can review Dulski’s full post about fasten Facebook below.

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