Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

Facebook Messenger’s New Group Payment Feature Can Steal Splitwise’s Thunder

For a final integrate of years, Facebook Messenger had a ability to send and accept money. However, a functionality was singular to only dual people – a sender and a receiver. Now, Facebook has broadened a underline by introducing organisation payments on a Messenger for Android and desktop.

The new underline is directed during groups of friends who wish to wish to be means to order grill bills or send income to friends. The routine of promulgation income is easy and it all occur over a organisation review on Facebook Messenger. To send money, we only have to tap/click on a “plus” pointer located in a bottom left dilemma in a organisation chat, in it you’ll find payments idol ($), only name it and select who to send or ask income from. As we already mentioned, a underline is giveaway to use and supports Visa or Mastercard withdraw cards for now.

In a blog post, Facebook writes:

Starting currently for Android and desktop, we can send or accept income between groups of people on Messenger. It’s free, simple, quick and secure. Whether you’re bursting a grill check or chipping in for a organisation gift, all we need to do is go to a new or existent Messenger organisation review to get started.

Group payments will also let we ask income from any user in a organisation conversation. Or we can also ask a whole organisation to compensate you. When requesting for organisation payment, we will only have to enter a volume and a follower will automatically order it uniformly among a organisation members.

Facebook has done it elementary to lane a payments as a summary will cocktail adult in a organisation display who has paid. Also, user can also perspective a “Request Details” on a full shade to throughly check a routine and lane payments. Facebook also claims that users’ withdraw label information is protected and they don’t need to remember a cue for it.

For now, Facebook is rolling out this new underline for Android and Desktop users in a US. We can design it to hurl out a underline for a iOS users soon.

We consider that this new underline on a Facebook Messenger can give some critical foe to dedicated check bursting apps like Splitwise.

Here’s a video to uncover we a remuneration routine on Facebook Messenger:

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