Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

Facebook Messenger Replicates Google Maps, Adds Temporary Live Location Sharing

Facebook Messenger is perplexing tough to get into a amicable space for everything. The app has witnessed poignant changes in a past few months, bringing in a lot of new facilities and enhancements. Now, a app is removing nonetheless another new underline in a form of ‘Live Location Sharing,’ that enables users to share their live plcae in real-time with friends and groups. Through this feature, a recipients can lane your movements and estimated time of your attainment during a destination.

We couldn’t assistance though review this new underline with a one that recently debuted on Google Maps. It looks like Facebook wants to representation a Messenger app opposite Google Maps for some of a features. It is startling to see how quickly Facebook’s Messenger app is perplexing to change lanes – from a communication app to a application app. Also, a new plcae pity underline also reminds us of a barbarous ‘Marauder’s Map’ underline that was introduced by a Harvard tyro for Facebook Messenger, that worked with Chrome prolongation to lane your friend’s location. But that was a crack of remoteness on many levels, that is because Facebook asked a builder to take it down.

In a post, Head of Messenger David Marcus writes:

Many of us make skeleton on Messenger that engage anticipating any other or vouchsafing friends and desired ones know we’re on a way. Sharing your plcae will also assistance some of we feel safer on a approach home. So today, by renouned demand, we’re introducing an critical capability: Live Location sharing. We put a lot of time and bid into this underline to safeguard it was a pleasant knowledge while minimising battery expenditure to a indicate we wouldn’t even have to consider about it.

Here’s how we can use a Live Location underline on Facebook Messenger:

  • Open a Messenger app, name a review or organisation we wish to share a plcae with
  • Now, daub on a Location button, or we can also find it in a ‘more’ menu. Map will open and daub on a blue bar to share your Live Location
  • The name recipients will now see your stream plcae for 60 mins along with ETA
  • You will see a time using on a map that will uncover how most time is left for a plcae pity event to expire. You can strike a ‘Stop’ symbol anytime to stop pity your live location

It goes but observant that this underline will take a fee on your device’s battery as it heavily relies on your device’s GPS that drains a battery. It would be engaging to see how this underline works for follower and how many users confirm to use it instead of Google Maps.

What’s your take on it? Do we consider it will power over Google Maps’ plcae sharing? Share your views in a criticism territory below.

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