Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

Facebook Messenger now lets we secretly share your Live Location for an hour

Facebook Messenger wants to be an offline amicable entertainment tool, not usually an online discuss app. Today it’s adding a new Live Location underline that lets we share for an hour within a private approach or organisation summary thread your real-time plcae on a map. The recipients can afterwards see an guess of how prolonged it would take we to strech them by car.

“Live Location is super useful when perplexing to coordinate with friends, revelation people how tighten we are when you’re on your approach to an appointment or even pity where we are with your roommate when you’re on your approach home during night,” writes a feature’s product manager Selena Wang. It’s rolling out for all iOS and Android Messenger users today. Messenger could now plea plcae apps like Foursquare Swarm and meetup apps like Down To Lunch.

Live Location is Facebook’s second large try during maps in Messenger after a initial one blew adult into a remoteness liaison and was scrapped in 2015. Many users were pity their duration accurate plcae with any message, that a Harvard tyro found could be scraped into a Marauder’s Map by a Chrome prolongation he built display accurately where a crony had been. Facebook rescinded a student’s internship offer, done him take a prolongation down and switched to usually vouchsafing users send their one-time stream or destiny location.

That immobile plcae underline is still available, yet now there’s Live Location, too. This time, though, we can’t leave it on by default. Head of Messenger David Marcus posted that “Many of us make skeleton on Messenger that engage anticipating any other, or vouchsafing friends and desired ones know we’re on a way. Sharing your plcae will also assistance some of we feel safer on a approach home.”

To use Live Location:

  1. Inside a summary thread, daub a Location symbol or find it in a More menu
  2. On a map, daub a blue bar to start pity your Live Location
  3. The recipients will see your accurate stream plcae on a map for 60 minutes, and an ETA by automobile for we to strech them
  4. A time in a dilemma of a map depends down until your plcae pity expires, and we can strike Stop Sharing during any time

Of course, battery life is a large emanate with plcae facilities as GPS can empty your device’s appetite quickly. But Facebook tells me it feels assured that Live Location uses a customary volume of battery, and Marcus writes “We put a lot of time and bid into … minimizing battery expenditure to a indicate we wouldn’t even have to consider about it.” Though it’s still value gripping an eye on it.

Alongside a Active Now standing indicators and Messenger Day’s “Who’s adult for?” filters, Messenger is apropos a most some-more full-featured application for removing together with friends. That could give it an advantage over despotic discuss products and dedicated visible communication apps.

Offline entertainment is still a mostly unsolved problem. It’s tough to know who is accessible to hang out and tighten adequate for that to be convenient. To win in this space, a product needs amicable graph ubiquity, plcae sharing, to be a place users already check frequently and to have a messaging member for planning. Swarm, Down To Lunch and a cemetery of other apps have always missed a vicious piece.

But as we wrote final year, Messenger could attain since it piggybacks on Facebook temperament and is already where people are organizing meetups. For all a imagination apps, we still need a approach to quarrel a loneliness and get face to face in person. Remember, though, now if we contend “on my way” we improved not be fibbing while still home in your pajamas.

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