Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

Facebook Messenger launches Mac & Windows apps

Facebook Messenger is finally removing desktop apps roughly 9 years after a debut. After saying over a 100% boost in desktop browser audio and video calling, Messenger currently releases a Mac and Windows desktop apps. They move a same facilities as a browser version, though make it easier to keep your discuss threads accessible than carrying Messenger buried in one of many tabs. “We’re all looking for some-more ways to be together even while we’re physically apart” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg writes.

Facebook creatively announced a Messenger desktop apps during a F8 discussion a year ago. But given a discussion is cancelled due to coronavirus this year and users clearly wanted a desktop apps now, it done clarity to launch them but a large press event. Last month a Mac chronicle was speckled in testing. Messenger quickly had a Windows app behind in 2011 before it was scrapped until now.

Perhaps a biggest accountability of Facebook Messenger right now is that it can usually hoop adult to 8 organisation video call participants, against to 100 or even 500 with Zoom . That means Messenger can’t support some of a new use cases that have emerged given people started to shelter-in-place due to COVID-19. It also doesn’t offer a approach to simply share a URL that lets other people join a call, so it’s not useful for open webinars or amicable events.

Screensharing is a other vital blank feature. The inability to uncover what you’re looking during prevents some business use cases, as good as phone amicable ones like co-browsing a print album. Facebook’s Workplace discuss desktop apps offer screensharing so it seems reasonable that Messenger could supplement that choice in a future.

Chat apps have left from a approach to stay in hold while detached or arrange assembly adult to the usually form of tellurian tie for those in lock-down. That means they can no longer be built as complements to the offline lives. They contingency communicate us in full.

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