Published On: Wed, Feb 3rd, 2021

Facebook Messenger lands on Oculus Quest

Facebook spent some-more time than common articulate about their success with VR in their quarterly benefit call, holding time to note developer success and their possess wins peddling their latest Quest 2 VR headset.

One of a VR platform’s remaining quirks is a ubiquitous miss of third-party support for apps that go over gaming. The headset is a absolute square of hardware with few VR ports of mobile apps available, even accessible streaming apps from Hulu and Netflix have seen meagre updates due to a comparatively tiny series of headsets out there.

Facebook, a vital app builder itself, has seemed to be personification a sincerely ethereal balancing act in bringing some of a mothership’s application to a headset though alienating consumers who competence be reduction meddlesome in a clearly Facebook-branded square of hardware. After mandating Facebook-login final tumble it seems like many bets should be off there. Today, a association announced that Quest and Quest 2 users will now benefit entrance to Messenger chats inside a app, enabling users to glow off a discerning canned summary to friends, use a in-VR keyboard to bruise out a discerning message, or use a headset’s voice-to-text feature.

For those dissapoint about Facebook’s increasingly clumsy program participation on their VR platform, this will expected be another reason to equivocate a Quest 2, though for those fervent to make their VR gameplay a some-more amicable knowledge or equivocate a sum siege that comes from chubby a headset on and ignoring your phone, it will be most some-more welcome.

Alongside, a Messenger update, Facebook also common that with a new update, they will be rolling out what they call App Lab, radically a TestFlight-like underline to concede Quest users to download calm outward of a curated Oculus Store. It’s a underline meant to residence rise complaints that Facebook has boxed fledgling diversion designers out from bringing calm to a Quest. Users can hunt for a pretension by name in App Lab or click a couple to be destined to a title. The new underline competed directly with SideQuest, a startup that has been building a heart for some-more initial Quest content.

Facebook says that a new refurbish is rolling out “gradually” to users so not all users might see a refurbish immediately.

The Oculus Quest’s unaccepted app store gets subsidy from Oculus owner Palmer Luckey

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