Published On: Fri, Nov 27th, 2015

Facebook Login Comes To The Apple TV

The biggest accountability in Apple’s newly launched Apple TV is a miss of a Remote app for a iPhone. In particular, when we initial set it up, you’ll have to manually enter your Netflix password, Hulu cue and some-more regulating your Apple TV remote. But Facebook’s new SDK for tvOS seems like a good approach to equivocate this unwieldy onboarding experience.

Like on iOS, Facebook lets we confederate a SDK in your apps so that developers can precedence a ‘Log in with Facebook’ feature. But there is a turn on tvOS. Instead of seeking for your Facebook cue a initial time, you’ll be means to equivocate this step.

As we can see in a tip illustration, a login shade tells we to go to on your phone. If you’re logged in on your phone, you’ll usually have to enter an 8-character acknowledgment formula to associate your Facebook comment with your Apple TV. If you’re not, you’ll have to record in to Facebook first, that is most easier to do on a phone.

Facebook isn’t a usually one regulating this technique. If you’ve downloaded a YouTube app on a Apple TV, we competence have beheld that we can bond it to your Google comment by regulating a same process. Similarly, Android TV uses a same login resource for inclination regulating Android TV.

When it comes to other Facebook SDK features, app developers can use this SDK for analytics purposes. It logs events usually like a SDK for iOS.

You can also confederate Facebook share buttons in your app to share links, photos, videos and more. Game developers competence find this underline useful to boost their growth. And of course, if we record in regulating Facebook, developers can precedence Facebook’s amicable graph to find your friends in multiplayer games for example.

But other forms of apps rest heavily on a amicable graph, like Tinder. Given that it’s Thanksgiving in a U.S., we can all appreciate Facebook for creation Tinder on your TV a possibility.

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