Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

Facebook launches a initial preview of React VR

Facebook published a blog post with copiousness of year-end self-centredness stats about a open source plan today, though in an email to us, a association also announced that it is about to launch a VR chronicle of one of a many renouned open source offerings: React. React VR, a Facebook orator told us, will launch in preview after this week.

Update: turns out, a Facebook orator was wrong and Occulus already announced the React VR preview final week. It’s accessible now. We bewail this error.

React Native itself is Facebook’s second many renouned open source projects as ranked by GitHub commits. Only Nuclide, a package for a Atom editor that adds support for Facebook-centric collection like React Native, Hack and Flow, bests it in terms of commits. As Facebook announced in October, React VR will concede developers to write practical existence applications can run in a browser (based on a WebVR customary that Mozilla, Google and others have championed). On Facebook’s possess Oculus platform, that browser is now code-named Carmel.

According to Facebook, developers will be means to use React VR to take advantage “of functional, asynchronous, declarative programming models for building VR applications.” We design to hear a lot some-more about React VR after this week, so stay tuned for that.

One thing is clear, though: as a series of exclusive VR height expands, standards-based projects like this will turn increasingly important. Given that Facebook owns one of a many renouned VR platforms, it’s engaging that the association is betting on WebVR, though it, too, wants to be means to offer a largest volume of calm on a platform.


As for Facebook’s other open source projects, it’s value observant that 3 of a 5 tip new projects in 2016 concerned React or React Native in some form. More than 500,000 developers have also downloaded a React Developer Tools for Chrome, only in box there was any doubt left about a recognition of a plan (which also frequently takes core theatre during Facebook’s F8 developer conference).

Outside of a React world, Yarn — Facebook’s package manager for JavaScript — was maybe one of a company’s biggest releases. It saw some-more than 1,100 commits in 2016 (compared to about 4,000 for React Native) and is already being adopted by a series of startups.


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