Published On: Tue, Mar 28th, 2017

Facebook launches Stories in a categorical Facebook app

Snapchat all a things!

Facebook’s devise to duplicate all that done Snapchat successful is finally reaching a final form with a launch of stories in a categorical Facebook app. You can now share stories with your Facebook friends and see what your friends have been adult to for a past 24 hours.

At a tip of a Facebook app, you’ll see dull form cinema representing stories by your friends. If we daub on one, it’ll open your friend’s story with photos, videos, drawings and camera effects.

Essentially, Facebook is formulating a second newsfeed for a mobile generation. It is swapping content and print updates with visible communication since it feels some-more personal.

Once we get entrance to stories, you’ll find a camera idol in a tip left dilemma of a Facebook app. You can afterwards take photos and pictures, supplement effects and drawings and share a result. After 24 hours, posts in your story disappear forever. Facebook is also adding new camera effects today.

Facebook is introducing Direct as well, a new inbox for approach messages. It is suggestive of Snapchat’s approach messages. This way, we can share photos and videos with one or mixed friends in particular, or respond to your friends’ stories.

So Facebook has now combined stories to all a categorical apps — Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp. While Instagram’s stories have been a outrageous success, let’s see if Facebook’s user bottom also wants to welcome a story format.

Facebook Stories and Direct are rolling out today. You won’t indispensably see stories true away, though they’re on their way.

  1. Direct

  2. Stories

  3. Camera Effects

  4. Coupland

  5. Guardians

  6. Hattie

  7. Media Viewer

  8. Minions

  9. Power Rangers

  10. Smurfs

  11. Wonder Woman

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