Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Facebook Launches “Live” Streaming Video Feature, But Only For Celebrities

Before Periscope and Meerkat jumpstarted a mobile live-streaming craze, Facebook was already sensitively operative on a possess approach to let open total promote live videos to their fans. Today, Facebook is rising “Live” as a underline in a Mentions app that’s usually accessible to celebrities with a accurate Page.

VIPs can start a Live promote that’s posted to a News Feed, watch comments overlaid in real-time on their stream, and afterwards make a recording henceforth accessible for viewing. Stars like The Rock and Serena Williams will tide today.

As for when a normal user competence get promote abilities, Live product manager Vadim Lavrusik wouldn’t say, nonetheless told me “We consider this will be an strenuous knowledge for both open total and also users. We wish to get feedback from both open total and viewers as we develop a product.”

Why should celebrities use Facebook Live instead of Periscope or Meerkat? Lavrusik tells me “Public total already have fans on Facebook that they share to each singular day.” Essentially, reach. With outrageous fan depends on Facebook, celebrities could see a wider assembly there than on other networks.

Facebook Live - Periscope - Meerkat

Facebook Live, Periscope, and Meerkat (from left)

Another reason: videos don’t disappear. They’re immediately deleted on Meerkat and usually live for 24 hours on Periscope (though we can save them to your camera roll). But Lavrusik tells me 53 percent of Facebook video views come from re-shares, that would substantially occur after a promote ends.

Broadcasters can undo their videos if they wish to keep them off-the-cuff and ephemeral, nonetheless differently a auto-published Live feed story will spin into a normal video. That competence make VIPs feel like recording Live streams is value their time.

While Facebook has never been good during real-time calm due to a filtered News Feed, it’s worked to make certain Live broadcasts strech viewers while they’re still in progress. Beyond appearing fast in a feed to a celeb’s subscribers, Facebook will send push alerts to balance into a promote to users who’ve recently interacted with that Page. This should trigger large audiences though irritating people who Liked an actor or contestant years ago and don’t unequivocally care.


“We indeed got feedback from open total wanting to do live video even before we launched Mentions” in Jul 2014, Lavrusik tells me. Mentions was creatively designed to assistance celebrities monitor and respond to a piles of wall posts and mentions they receive. But stars kept revelation it live video “is a many insinuate and authentic approach to correlate with my fans.”

A tiny group in Facebook’s Menlo Park’s headquarters started operative on Live in September. Meerkat launched in February, followed by Periscope in April. Despite everybody seeking what Facebook would do in a space, it kept quiet, enlightening a commenting knowledge — something a Periscope group also spent months perfecting. The finish product offers modernized mediation options to keep Live streams clean.

Facebook's VIP-only Mentions app

Facebook’s VIP-only Mentions app

When a luminary with Mentions starts a broadcast, a video with a Live tab goes out on a News Feed. There, viewers can watch and comment. But to equivocate strenuous a broadcaster, Facebook usually pushes comments onto their shade during a steady, entertaining pace, and celebs can spin off saying comments altogether. Vulgar comments will automatically be hidden, and broadcasters can supplement difference to their Page’s mediation blacklist if there are topics they don’t wish to speak about.

To keep Live shows friendly, Facebook will uncover if one of your friends starts watching, and broadcasters will see if another accurate luminary hops on. One thing lacking is a approach to share a tide while it’s in progress.

When broadcasters finish a stream, a News Feed story and video stay around nonetheless remove a Live tag. Viewers can rewatch a video indefinitely, nonetheless they’ll see comments as a normal tilt next a video rather than overlaid. That could make for a incongruous knowledge if broadcasters plead a comments on a tide that aren’t shown in real-time on a recording.

How users see Live broadcasts

How users see Live broadcasts

If Facebook can use a same strech that captivated celebrities in a initial place to invade live-streaming, it could emanate tons of constrained video calm to fill a feed and facade a ads.

While some users competence be sour that they can’t tide on Facebook Live yet, it could indeed forestall users from removing ill of a feature. Periscope and Meerkat are tormented by users promulgation crappy “Hello world” or “Here’s my breakfast” streams that provoke their friends with notifications. Letting usually celebrities use it initial could learn users when they have a impulse value streaming.

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