Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2020

Facebook launches commerce and connectivity-focused accelerator programs

Facebook launched dual 12-week accelerator programs for startups on Monday as a amicable juggernaut looks for new ideas and solutions to enhance a commerce and connectivity efforts.

Facebook’s Commerce Accelerator will name 60 startups from a EMEA and LATAM regions for a program, a association said. The startups that make a cut will try building selling solutions to expostulate commerce inside Facebook’s family of apps.

“Our idea is to make selling seamless and commission anyone from an businessman to a largest code to use a apps to bond with customers,” wrote Michael Huang, control of Startup Programs during Facebook, in a blog post.

The association pronounced a new tellurian consult it conducted in partnership with a OECD and World Bank found that during slightest a third of tiny to medium-sized businesses on Facebook reported 25% or some-more of their sales being finished digitally in a past month.

“With so many sales being finished online, a significance of discerning and certain e-commerce practice for business has turn even greater,” a association pronounced in a statement.

The other accelerator program, called Connectivity, will underline 30 startups from a LATAM and North America (Americas) regions. These startups will be tasked with building affordable connectivity solutions that make internet entrance accessible in some-more places and to during slightest 100,000 additional people.

Facebook pronounced by these accelerator programs it aims to yield internal growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. The association binds one or dual identical accelerator programs any year in some markets. In total, a association has launched accelerator programs in 11 countries to date.

The coronavirus pandemic, that has forced Facebook to control a accelerator programs probably this year, has “exposed a tough law of a digital order and a vicious need for reliable, affordable internet connectivity,” wrote Huang.

Participating startups will advantage entrance to cost-free training, 1:1 mentorship and entrance to Facebook products, a imagination and entrance to a tellurian network of startup peers and successful founders. But a association is not charity financial advantages to startups — something it has finished in some of a prior accelerator programs — during accelerators announced on Monday.

Startups meddlesome in possibly of a accelerator programs can contention their application.

“At Facebook, we strongly trust that by connecting, training, and flourishing entrepreneurs and startups by a programs, we can commission people to solve relevant, suggestive problems. We aim to build products that billions of people can use and advantage from,” Huang wrote.

Facebook has prolonged focused on connectivity efforts, though a seductiveness in commerce is comparatively new. In May, Facebook arch executive Mark Zuckerberg denounced Facebook Shops to make it easier for companies to list their products on Facebook and Instagram.

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