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Facebook kills off accurate plcae pity in Nearby Friends, adds “Wave”

Nearby Friends didn’t spin into a Foursquare-killer it could have been, though Facebook is still perplexing to assistance people accommodate adult in person…with a few changes. Facebook has private a accurate plcae pity underline from Nearby Friends, that now usually lets we opt-in to broadcasting your estimate stretch from friends and stream neighborhood.


Previously, we could name to temporarily or henceforth share your consistent accurate pinpoint on a map with specific friends, or ask this from a friend. This was useful for assembly adult with someone on a move, meaningful when someone was arriving, or frighteningly, stalking your poignant other.

Facebook Nearby Friends' aged map and accurate plcae pity underline have bene removed

Facebook Nearby Friends’ aged map and accurate plcae pity underline have bene removed

But it also lent an atmosphere of creepiness to a product that is comparatively privacy-safe for a plcae pity service, given users entirely control who sees what. And if your forgot you’d henceforth common your accurate mark with someone, it could needlessly empty battery.

TechCrunch beheld a map being private from a Nearby Friends use in a Facebook app’s More tab, and Facebook now confirms that the feature for vouchsafing people see your accurate plcae on a map is no longer active. That strips Nearby Friends’ categorical visible member too, creation it now only a list of people’s proximities and neighborhood.

That seems to have paved a approach for a desktop chronicle of Nearby Friends in a discuss sidebar on a right. It shows a list of friends within a few miles, with their area and name. Tapping lets we send them a summary to arrange a get-together. Facebook reliable this is in contrast after we speckled a addition.


Facebook is contrast a Nearby Friends list in a right sidebar (magnified here in a red box)

Finally, Facebook has built a inheritor to a classical “Poke” underline called “Wave”. Some users have a choice to send a Wave to friends they see in Facebook Nearby to let them know they’re meddlesome in what that crony is adult to. It’s a lightweight approach to strech out though a bone-fide present message, though that could lead to a review on Messenger about either they’re giveaway to hang out.

Wave addresses a core smirch of Nearby Friends — that only given someone is in your proximity, doesn’t meant they’re available. This is what tormented Foursquare too. You were never certain if we should dump in on someone down a street, given their checkin wouldn’t indispensably tell we if they were on a date or in a assembly there. Wave was forked out by Matteo Gamba and others, and initial lonesome by Social Times.

A Facebook orator confirms that “We are contrast a new underline within Nearby Friends permitting people to send their friends a fluttering palm emoji to contend hello and assistance them accommodate up. This is meant to give people some-more ways to demonstrate themselves, and assistance friends correlate with one another in new fun and lightweight ways.”

Messenger Nearby?


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Facebook Nearby Friends never perceived a correct courtesy in a magisterial Facebook product. It was buried alive in a categorical app’s More add-on given a launch in Apr 2014. That’s unfortunate, given it was so useful for reckoning out who was a few blocks divided and competence wish to get coffee, have drinks, or chill. [Disclosure: we worked on an in-person entertainment app called Signal in 2013 that’s given close down]

Facebook hadn’t given a product most adore until recently. Perhaps that’s given Facebook got burnt when someone figured out how to spin an accurate plcae pity underline in Messenger into a map of people’s movements. Facebook subsequently forsaken accurate plcae pity from Messenger.

But in-person entertainment is still a large event for Facebook given it’s one of a few companies with both your real-life amicable graph and an app we open frequently adequate to casually notice friends observant they’re circuitously and available. Messenger (or Snapchat) could broach a entertainment underline during scale that dedicated apps like Down To Lunch and Free haven’t achieved. Messenger already has an “Active Now” territory display friends accessible to discuss with, and a Nearby Friends territory in a threads list would make ideal sense.

Social networks are mostly indicted of creation us some-more removed behind a screens. This is Facebook’s possibility to get us face-to-face with a people we caring about, and not only in a video call or VR.

For some-more about because we need a amicable entertainment app, review my underline story “The Quest To Cure Loneliness“

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