Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2017

Facebook is a latest tech hulk to hunt for AI talent in Canada

Facebook is branch a courtesy to Canada with a new AI investigate bureau in Montreal. Google and Microsoft already have outposts in a city and large other tech companies, including Uber, have researchers formed in Canada. McGill University’s Joelle Pineau will be heading Facebook’s AI efforts in Montreal.

Pineau’s investigate concentration tends to gaunt heavily on robotics and dialog systems, quite applications of bolster learning. Dialog investigate and healthy denunciation estimate (NLP) some-more broadly is one of a core interests of Facebook’s AI Research (FAIR) Lab for apparent reasons — Facebook is home to a lot of text. And Facebook M, a personal assistant, in sold relies heavily on dialog.

With doubt in a American immigration system, Canada is rising as a core for investigate work. While a U.S. still leads a universe in AI talent, some of a best researchers come from abroad. Canada’s possess schools like Waterloo and McGill (to name a few) are AI investigate centers and programs serve abroad during schools like Tsinghua and Cambridge are awfully strong.

With there still being a necessity of AI talent, Facebook’s bureau in Montreal will yield a association entrance to a secure tube of means researchers. While Yann LeCun, conduct of Facebook AI Research, pronounced that immigration process didn’t play into his team’s preference to enhance to Montreal, he did note a transparent advantages of handling in a region.

“Part of a reason for substantiating ourselves here is holding advantage of this pool of talent,” LeCun remarkable in an interview. “This didn’t cause into a decision, though immigration in Canada is some-more good orderly than immigration into a U.S..”

Facebook now operates AI investigate centers in Paris, New York City and Menlo Park, contracting about 105 researchers. The aim is to grow a Montreal organisation from a first group of 4 to 30 or 40 FAIRly quickly.

As partial of this announcement, Facebook is donating income to McGill and a University of Montreal to support connoisseur students and assistance urge computational infrastructure. While operative to sinecure a group for Facebook, Pineau will be progressing her educational position at McGill. If you’re meddlesome in reading some of Pineau’s work, including some quite engaging applications of appurtenance training to medical use cases, we can find a papers on a McGill site.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be vocalization about Facebook’s efforts in Montreal tomorrow morning during around 11am EST. The eventuality will be live streamed here.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons (IMAGE HAS BEEN MODIFIED)

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