Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2022

Facebook is shutting down the podcast service, discontinuing other audio products

Facebook is shutting down a podcast use on Jun 3 hardly a year after a launch. The amicable media hulk told TechCrunch that it’s also going to pause a short-form audio Soundbites underline and a Audio heart in a entrance weeks. Facebook will also confederate a Live Audio Rooms offering, that is a Clubhouse clone, into a Facebook Live experience. The association says this formation will concede for a some-more streamlined knowledge so that users will have a choice to go live with audio and video, video usually or audio only.

“After a year of training and iterating on audio-first experiences, we’ve motionless to facilitate a apartment of audio collection on Facebook,” a orator from Meta told TechCrunch. “We’re integrating Live Audio Rooms into Facebook Live and we will pause a other audio products. We’re constantly evaluating a facilities we offer so we can concentration on a many suggestive experiences.”

An email sent to podcasters on Facebook indicates that existent podcasts will sojourn accessible and new episodes will continue to tell until Jun 3. Starting today, users won’t be means to couple or tell any new podcasts.

In Apr 2021, Facebook announced a apartment of new audio products, including new support for podcasts and a Clubhouse live audio competitor, that was an denote that it was holding a hazard from other audio platforms some-more seriously. Now, hardly a year after Facebook began a incursion into podcasting and audio features, a association is relocating on from them.

A new news from Bloomberg indicates that Facebook’s primogenitor association Meta is pronounced to be prioritizing short-video projects above other initiatives, expected due to augmenting foe from renouned short-form video app TikTok. This explain is seen in a amicable media giant’s email to users about shutting down podcasts, as it encourages them to start regulating Reels.

“Your voices and stories have desirous us and we sojourn committed to assisting we strech and grow your audiences,” a email reads. “For example, we are saying podcast-related calm being grown in video, Reels and Live to rivet and grow audiences.” The email afterwards leads users to learn some-more about regulating Reels to support their goals.

Facebook’s incursion into audio was a rival pierce a year ago when Clubhouse was valued during $4 billion, and Spotify and Apple were winning a podcasting market. But it would have taken a lot for Facebook to contest with Spotify and Apple, even if a association has loads of income to spend on a podcasting endeavors.

As for a live audio market, that’s still mostly dominated by Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, both of that are stability to rise some-more features. Live audio grew in recognition amid a pestilence as people around a universe were cramped to their homes. But, as restrictions have been carried for a many partial around a universe and in-person events have returned, a hum around live audio isn’t as high as it once was as companies are changeable to short-form video.

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