Published On: Fri, Apr 9th, 2021

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are super damaged right now (Update: though starting to work again)

Are Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp down for we right now? Us too! And lots and lots of other people too, it seems.

We’re removing reports left and right of outages opposite a 3 Facebook properties, with no denote so distant as to a cause. It’s all down so tough that Facebook’s possess server standing page won’t even bucket to explain what’s up. Some of a particular mobile apps seem to load, though are only loading cached data; modernise or try to lift in a new page, and things substantially won’t bucket correctly.

When Facebook on a web does load, it’s mostly throwing a following blunder message:


This outage comes only a few weeks after one that took out Instagram and WhatsApp in March.

(Update, 3:19 PM: It appears things are entrance behind online, about an hour after a outage initial began.)

Instagram and WhatsApp strike by outage


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