Published On: Tue, Oct 3rd, 2017

Facebook Extends Bloat-free and Data Saving Messenger Lite To US, UK, and Canada

Facebook’s bloat-free Messenger Lite has finally left central for Android users US, UK, and Canada. The use was initial launched in a building markets where connectivity was slower in comparison to grown markets. Today, a amicable media hulk has done it accessible for other markets.

Today’s enlargement outlines markets like a US, Canada, UK, and Ireland. Before this, it was accessible for around 100 building markets. The app privately targeted for low-powered Android inclination that can’t hoop bloatware on a unchanging Messenger app. But, it is also ideal for users who don’t wish bloatware on their device that comes with a unchanging Messenger app. In fact, it works seamlessly on flagship inclination too. Also, Lite chronicle saves information as well.

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Regarding design, Messenger Lite looks only like a prior chronicle of a unchanging Messenger app, with a tabs instead of a bottom bar. The White pattern is recorded with 3 tabs for a review list, contacts, and user’s form page wherein settings for tweaking notifications is available.

In a statement, Facebook’s orator said:

Messenger Lite is a slimmed-down chronicle of Messenger that offers a core facilities of a app, while giving everybody a event to stay connected to their friends and family, regardless of device or peculiarity of internet connectivity.

Messenger Lite: Voice Calling and Stickers

Users can use a summary thread to send voice records and photos, though it lacks modifying facilities that are found on a unchanging chronicle of a app. Thankfully, a Lite chronicle has defended a third-party plaque packs and voice job facility. Availability of all these facilities ensures that we don’t skip most on a Lite version. But if we are one of a users who like video calling, stories “My Day”, games, and chatbots afterwards Messenger Lite is not for you.

If you’re one of those users who use Messenger only for content communications and do not like a additional facilities that Facebook has newly magisterial a app with, afterwards Messenger Lite is only what we need. Sadly, it is singular to Android users and Facebook has not disclosed any timeline for rising a app for iOS users. We will be updating this essay once it goes live for iOS users too.

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Download a Messenger Lite on Play Store

Source: Tech Crunch

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