Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

Facebook Explains Why Devolver Digital’s GRIS Advertisement Was Rejected


You competence remember a story from progressing this week about Facebook rejecting a launch trailer announcement for a critically-acclaimed indie title, GRIS. According to a game’s publisher Devolver Digital, Facebook pronounced a shave contained “sexually suggestive” imagery. This followed with a deputy from a video diversion association revelation how “stupid” a preference was during a discuss with Polygon. To review some-more about this, take a demeanour during a existent article.

A Facebook orator has now followed adult this matter with Polygon and a logic as to since a ad was deserted has zero to do with a picture publicised in Devolver Digital’s tweet. It’s indeed since a couple going from a video announcement to Devolver Digital’s Instagram did not approve with a promotion policies of Facebook.

If we indeed conduct over to this Instagram page, you’ll fast notice there’s a unclothed bottom from a open-world presence diversion SCUM on display. As Polygon notes, this competence not indispensably go opposite village standards, though it does violate Facebook’s ad policies. It’s also value observant Instagram is owned by Facebook.

The doctrine to take from this – don’t try to peep your crippled on Facebook or Instagram and consider we can get divided with it. A Super Meat Boy announcement was also held out final month.

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