Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

Facebook encourages content statuses with new colored backgrounds

Facebook’s core captivate isn’t news articles we could find anywhere, it’s insinuate posts from your genuine friends. That explains because Facebook is perplexing to make rarely personal calm statuses as eye-catching as photos with a new exam of a colored credentials option.

The underline lets users name a tone that appears behind their calm standing in place of a normally-white background. Several of a tone options offer an Instagram logo-style tone gradient, that make them some-more stylish and complicated than tedious prosaic colors.

Sent to TechCrunch by reader Hoan Do over a weekend, Facebook confirms this underline is in testing. It appears that it’s usually contrast in certain regions abroad, not in a US. Users yet entrance to a exam don’t see a colors if they demeanour during a post, yet that would expected change to everybody being means to see a colors if Facebook rolls it out some-more widely.

[Update: Facebook has now common some-more sum and a matter about a new feature. Colored standing backgrounds are rolling out globally over a subsequent few days. Only Android users will be means to emanate them, yet everybody on iOS, Android, and web will be means to see them in a News Feed.

A orator writes  “We’re rolling out a change to assistance people make their calm posts some-more visual. Starting today, people can refurbish a credentials tone of their text-only posts on Android.”]

Adding piquancy to standing updates could assistance Facebook boost “original sharing” of singular personal content, as against to resharing of news articles and viral videos.

In April, The Information reported that Facebook was experiencing a decrease in original, personal sharing. Apparently “original calm broadcasting” was down 21% year over year as of mid-2015, and strange promote pity was down 15% year-over-year as of April.

colored_statusFacebook has attempted to downplay that explain in a past, observant strange calm pity was healthy. But VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri certified on theatre during TechCrunch Disrupt SF in Sep that pity of veteran publisher calm has grown during a faster rate than strange sharing, creation a latter a smaller commission of sum content. That competence have played into Facebook prioritizing friends and family instead of publishers in an refurbish from September, that could revive a change with some-more strange calm in a feed.

Facebook seemed to already be enlivening calm standing updates with a ‘big text’ underline that shows difference in a incomparable rise if your standing is short, thereby creation it some-more attention-grabbing. Both of these facilities could be see as perplexing to take rumble from Twitter, that is a many entire text-focused amicable network, yet one lilliputian in distance by Facebook.

When Facebook launched a News Feed, it was all about text. Some competence remember a word “is” being automatically practical after your name so each refurbish was indeed about what we were doing, like: “Josh Constine is…”

Yet CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pronounced regularly that he sees abounding media like video, 360, and VR as a destiny of pity on Facebook. But there will always be some things best voiced with some elementary words. Colored backgrounds make certain a extemporaneous exclamation or a bit of communication won’t get mislaid in a increasingly adorned feed.

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