Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Facebook Empowers Pages To Provide Customer Support Over Private Messages

A business publicly debating patron problems on their Facebook Page’s wall is a recipe for a PR disaster. So currently Facebook is giving Pages some-more options for secretly messaging people who complain. Along with a Businesses On Messenger program, Facebook is precisely aiming to adopt telephones as a channel for patron support.

Starting today, business Pages will be means to privately message users who leave wall posts or comments for them. Previously, they could usually respond in a same channel where a patron started a conversation. Users will be means to summary businesses true from Facebook News Feed ads, and a companies can respond with pre-saved support messages to save time (which we speckled in June).

MessagingPerhaps many interestingly, Facebook is formulating a new customary for patron support response time. Businesses that respond to 90 percent of messages and normal a respond within 5 mins will be awarded a “Very Responsive To Messages” badge on their Page.

That’s a high bar to live adult to that could pull companies to sinecure support staff privately to respond to Facebook messages. If they’re not prepared to hoop a load, though, Pages can spin off a choice to accept messages.

With a new features, smaller businesses could get some of a amicable patron support energy that large brands buy by third-party Page government tools.

David Marcus, a conduct of Facebook Messenger, has pronounced in a past that he thinks touch-tone phone patron support is primed for disruption. Synchronous discuss usually isn’t available if we have to wade by phone trees and delight on hold. Asynchronous present messaging offers gratifying near-immediacy but a hassle.

Meanwhile, businesses can save on costly call core employees that usually hoop one query during a time by regulating present messaging support staff that can concurrently hoop mixed indignant customers.

That’s because Facebook suggested Businesses On Messenger during F8. It lets e-commerce business on some sites ask support around Facebook Messenger rather than carrying to call or email to change their sequence or get help.


With saved responses, five-minute calls could spin into 15 second re-sendings of pre-made support answers. And Facebook is already operative a Businesses On Messenger partners to let them use synthetic comprehension systems to automate some of that response process, so humans usually step in when a AI gets confused.

Businesses already have a large participation on Facebook, as good as team members edition calm there. Community managers competence shortly be assimilated by employees with a new role: “Community Support.”

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