Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Facebook cuts down irritating ‘now connected on Messenger’ alerts

“‘You Are Now Connected On Messenger’ Is The Worst Thing On Facebook” BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos rightly forked out in a story yesterday. When we crony someone on Facebook or Messenger, or an aged crony joins Messenger, we mostly get one of these irritating notifications. They dope we into meditative someone indeed wants to discuss with we while burying your genuine summary threads.

Luckily, it turns out Facebook was already feeling guilty about this shameless expansion hack. When we asked why, amidst a large pull around Time Well Spent, it was promulgation these alerts, a association told me it’s already in a routine of scaling them back.

A Facebook orator gave TechCrunch this statement:

We’ve found that many people have appreciated removing a presentation when a crony joins Messenger. That said, we are operative to make these notifications even some-more useful by contracting appurtenance training to send fewer of them over time to people who suffer removing them less. We conclude all and any feedback that people send a way, so greatfully keep it entrance given it helps us make a product better.

So basically, if Messenger notices we never open those spammy alerts to start a discuss thread, it will skip promulgation some of them.

Personally, we consider these alerts should usually be sent when users bond on Messenger specifically, that we can do with non-friends outward of Facebook. The association forced everybody to switch from Facebook Chat to Messenger years ago, though some people are usually now relenting and indeed downloading a app. we don’t consider that should ever beget these alerts, given they have zero to do with your possess actions. Similarly, if we endorse a Facebook crony ask from someone else, we know I’m now connected on Messenger too, so no need to provoke me with a notification.

But for now, if we hatred these alerts, be certain not to open them so we send a vigilance to Facebook that we don’t wish more.

Facebook does all sorts of this irritating expansion hacking, like notifications about friends adding to their Story, “X, Y, and 86 other friends responded to events nearby we tomorrow,” and all a emails it sends if we stop visiting. If we can scrupulously contrition tech giants for a specifics of their many forward and distracting behavior, rather than only griping some-more vaguely about overuse, we might be means to make swifter swell toward them respecting a attention.

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