Published On: Wed, Apr 7th, 2021

Facebook confirms ‘test’ of Venmo-like QR codes for person-to-person payments in US

Facebook confirms it’s contrast a new QR formula underline and remuneration links for use with Facebook Pay to make it easier for people in a U.S. to send or ask income from one another. The QR formula feature, identical to Venmo’s QR codes and others, will concede a user to indicate a friend’s formula with their smartphone’s camera to send or ask money, while a sharable remuneration links will let we tell your remuneration residence outward of Facebook itself.

The serve was initial speckled on Monday by MacRumors, that remarkable that users were being presented with a new “Scan” symbol in a Facebook Pay carousel during a tip of a screen. When we daub this button, you’re launched into an knowledge where we can indicate a other person’s code. The shade that displays a QR formula also introduces a personalized remuneration URL in a format of “,” that can also be sent to others when you’re creation a remuneration or promulgation a request.

Image Credits: screenshot of FB Pay QR formula (blurred for privacy)

A Facebook orator reliable a feature’s launch, yet characterized it as a “test” that’s now holding place in a U.S.

“To make payments on Messenger even easier, we’ve begun contrast a ability for people to use QR codes and remuneration links when they wish to send or ask money,” a orator said.

Only U.S. users are means to send payments by Messenger during this time, they also noted.

Users who wish to be means to send and accept income in Messenger have to be during slightest 18 years old, and will have to have a Visa or Mastercard withdraw card, a PayPal comment or one of a upheld prepaid cards or government-issued cards, in sequence to use a payments feature. They’ll also need to set their elite banking to U.S. dollars in a app.

Facebook initial launched a Facebook Pay use in Nov 2019, as a approach to settle a singular remuneration complement that can extend opposite a company’s apps. However, a use as it stands now is not indispensably a opposition to other apps like PayPal, since Facebook now partners with PayPal as one of a upheld remuneration methods.

Currently, Facebook Pay powers a payments knowledge opposite a series of areas in Facebook, that are focused on commerce, donations and tipping — like Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shop, Buy on Instagram and for other activities — like shopping Stars to support gaming Creators, shopping tickets to live events, creation donations to causes and more. Users can also send income to friends on Messenger by a built-in button.

For a time being, this payments knowledge is apart from Facebook’s cryptocurrency wallet, Novi, yet one could suppose that in time a dual will turn some-more integrated.

Facebook declined to share serve sum about a test, including how many or what commission of users will see a new QR codes and links or when tests began and when they’ll end.

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