Published On: Wed, Aug 26th, 2020

Facebook changes name of the annual VR eventuality and the altogether AR/VR organization

Facebook is relocating serve divided from a Oculus brand.

The association says it is changing a name of their protracted existence and practical existence classification to “Facebook Reality Labs,” an org that will ring a company’s AR/VR products underneath a Oculus, Spark and Portal brands.

The company’s AR/VR investigate multiplication had a pretension altered from Oculus Research to Facebook Reality Labs behind in 2018. That multiplication will now be famous as FRL Research.

Facebook has also announced that Oculus Connect, a annual practical existence developer conference, will be renamed Facebook Connect and will be occurring wholly probably on Sep 16.

Oculus has reason a really opposite existence inside Facebook than other high-profile acquisitions like Instagram or WhatsApp . The org has been folded deeper into a core of a company, both in terms of care and organizational structure. The whole AR/VR org is run by Andrew Bosworth, a long-time executive during a association who is a tighten playmate of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


In some sense, a name change is only an denote that a product ambitions of Facebook in a AR/VR universe have grown incomparable given a 2014 Oculus acquisition.

Facebook is now no longer only building headsets, they’re also building protracted existence glasses, they’re adding AR program integrations into their core app and Instagram by Spark AR and, yes, they’re still doing some things with Facebook Portal.

In another sense, adding a tenure “Labs” to a finish of a multiplication that’s several years aged with several products you’ve spent billions of dollars to realize, seems to be Facebook doubling down on a thought that all contained therein is (1) flattering initial and (2) not contributing all that most to a Facebook bottom line. This seems like a expected home for destiny Facebook moonshots.

The change will expected dissapoint some Oculus users. Facebook’s repute problems anecdotally seem to have a quite clever reason among PC gamers withdrawal some Oculus fans generally unfortunate with any news that showcases a Oculus code entrance serve underneath a core Facebook org. Last week, a association common that new Oculus headset users will need to pointer into a height with their Facebook comment and that they would be phasing out Oculus accounts over time, a change that was met with feeling from insiders who believed that Facebook would keep some-more stretch between a core amicable app and a practical existence platform.

At this point, Oculus is still a code name of a VR headsets Facebook sells and a association maintains that a code isn’t going anywhere, though directionally it seems that Facebook is aiming to move a code closer underneath a wing.

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