Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2016

Facebook Celebrates Turning 12 With “Friends Day” Videos

Now Facebook has a possess holiday it calls “Friends Day”. On Feb 4th, a amicable network turns 12 years old. But in standard self-less Zuckerberg fashion, Mark pronounced “rather than carrying this birthday that focuses on us, we should make certain that a universe focuses on what’s important”. Namely, a users.

So currently Facebook is promulgation everybody a Friends Day video label featuring photos them and their friends. Similar to a year in examination videos, we can revise a shave if we wish to stop anything ungainly and afterwards share it. There’s some Friends Day stickers too.

Example of one of a Friends Day video cards

Friends Day PromoFacebook’s also reminding people how tighten it creates everybody in a world. It’s doubled in distance from 750 million to over 1.59 billion users given 2011, yet a network has indeed grown denser. That means a normal dual users are only 3.57 degrees of subdivision divided from any other now, if we were personification that Kevin Bacon game, down from 3.74 degrees divided in 2011.

That competence sound like a stupid stat yet it’s flattering conspicuous deliberation Facebook’s pull to make phone numbers archaic and let everybody in a universe strike any other over Messenger.

Facebook did chuck itself a small private pre-birthday celebration during a Menlo Park domicile this week. It invited 18 users from Saudi Arabia, Louisiana, Hungary, and other places to share how Facebook altered their lives.

Facebook Friends Day Event during HQ

Cute. It’s all really cute.

But there’s a stat that’s maybe some-more critical than Facebook’s years on this planet, user count, or revenue, that are all remarkably high. It’s called “stickiness” or a ratio of daily active users to monthly active users.

See, monthly active users is extravagantly imprecise. Whether we open it for 5 seconds a month or spend hours any day on Facebook, we count as 1 MAU. That’s a flattering easy bar to strike for a use as entire and that generates as many notifications as Facebook. Daily active users is most some-more accurate for assessing recognition of a service. As something grows, though, that DAU series will go adult though revelation we most about a health of a network and a faithfulness of a existent users.

Facebook’s feel-good Friends Day commercial

But by dividing DAU by MAU, we find out what commission of a monthly users are entrance behind any day — a stickiness. If that commission grows, we know a use is apropos some-more enchanting and enchanting to a people on it. If it shrinks, it means people competence still revisit occasionally, yet they don’t caring as much. It’s apropos uncool.

So with Facebook now reaching a tweenage years, and copiousness of surveys and anecdotes claiming it isn’t cold with kids any more, you’d design a amicable network’s stickiness to be going down.

But it’s not. It’s left adult from 62% in 2013 to 65% now. And in a all critical US Canada region, it’s left adult from 73.1% to 77.1%. Facebook users are regulating Facebook some-more now than they used to. That’s something value a association celebrating.

Facebook Q4 2015 DAU

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