Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2017

Facebook can now reinstate your continue app

Facebook is rolling out a useful new underline that puts a full continue foresee inside a mobile app and desktop site. The underline is accessible from News Feed or a mobile app’s “More” menu — the territory that links we to areas like Friends, Events, Groups, Pages and other pivotal Facebook facilities like On This Day or Saved items. Within a Weather section, we can perspective a full foresee for your week ahead, powered by information from

Facebook reliable that a new feature, an updated version of a progressing “weather greetings,” has launched to around 95 percent of a tellurian race as of this week.

This is not a initial time Facebook has toyed with introducing continue information into a service. The association years ago combined forecasts to events and open places, and some-more recently was speckled contrast continue updates in a News Feed in a U.K.


A year ago, Facebook also rolled out “weather greetings” in News Feed, that were short, informational continue updates that seemed during a tip of your feed in a morning. The new underline is an prolongation on that. You’ll now see identical messages during a tip of a News Feed with a couple to a full, five-day forecast. These News Feed “greetings” will seem on both desktop and mobile, Facebook tells us.

Even if we skip a greeting, we can revisit a Weather territory in a app, where it exists as a new menu item.

In addition, Facebook will now offer an choice to set notifications for receiving continue reports. The association says that Notifications and a some-more minute greetings are rolling out for tests now, with all these updates being widely accessible by a finish of a month.


The Weather section will default to your stream location, though we can click a Settings circle in a tip right to supplement other locations we wish to track, only like any other continue app. You also can select to arrangement a temperatures in possibly Fahrenheit or Celsius.

However, we can’t appropriate by your mixed locations once they’re set up, as we could in a standard app like Yahoo Weather or Apple’s Weather app — instead, if we wish to change to a opposite plcae we have to lapse to a Settings and daub a one we wish to view.

The continue information supposing is sincerely simple — it’s only a highs and lows, along with a ubiquitous forecast, like sunny, partly cloudy, etc. At a tip of a Weather page, we also can see a daily foresee by a hour, as is common in many continue apps today.

The information for a foresee comes from’s API. The site also is related during a bottom of a shade where it says “See some-more continue info,” followed by an idol indicating a new window will open if clicked.


The cute, cartoon-style streamer during a tip of a page also will refurbish formed on a forecast. For example, a stormy day in San Francisco right now shows a design of deer stealing out underneath a tree. Meanwhile, New York’s now partly pale day shows pompous clouds over immature grass, with a bird stealing in a bushes. (See above graphics).

This creates a underline feel some-more personalized, and Facebook-like, as a association has been regulating identical drawings in a News Feed informational messages for some time.

The further is now one of several new bookmarks Facebook has rolled out to a mobile app in new days, following useful utilities like a “Wi-Fi finder,” a new networking (or even dating) section called “Discover People” and now Weather.

Seemingly, a goal with a new underline is to keep Facebook users in a app by charity them a information they would differently need to demeanour for elsewhere, while also offering similar practice to those that are found in other third-party mobile applications today.

Facebook, however, says it’s some-more about delighting users instead.

“We are doing this since a idea is to rise products that bond people to a things they caring about many and emanate moments of fun in people’s day, like simply revelation we that it’s going to sleet later,” a orator said.

Thanks to TechCrunch reader Jose Gutierrez for a tip!

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